Mask and Mirrors by pfeifferpack
Chapter: Chapter 13

03/02/2008 03:51 pm
Liked it
Thank you.  k

04/23/2007 09:20 pm
oh least now maybe tara will be okay...and i can't wait to see xander's reaction when he finds out what spike went through for them...maybe it will change his rotten attitude great chapter, love looking forward to reading more
Xander is actually capable of growth in this story. I felt he was showing signs of that in S7 and just transfered that ability to this period. k

10/05/2006 03:11 pm
I enjoyed Anne’s reaction to her make-over. Foolish Dawn. I felt so bad for Tara even though I knew it was coming.

09/30/2006 04:46 pm
Sorry for the lack of reviews. Trying to get through many chaps so i could get to bed. I love how you're going through cannon and changing little bits here and there, but keeping the bits we loved. It's bound to be entertaining watching Spike try and explain the Glory/Ben thing to Xander and I'm feeling very apprehensive for when Spike realises the chip is gone. Great tale, Kathleen and I'm so glad I've finally made the time to read it. Looking very much toward reading more soon.

09/28/2006 04:09 pm
Great update. Can't wait for more.

09/28/2006 07:32 am
excellent tale, thank you. seeing that my comments for this chapter somehow found their way to the last, it is either time to stop drinking or stop reviewing.

09/27/2006 03:50 pm
Oh no - poor tara - *sniff* love the use of anne and dawn's sneaking out

09/27/2006 06:35 am
i really love this story. It's one of the most unique story lines I've ever seen, with Spike's mom.

09/27/2006 03:29 am
Great Chapter I hope Mrs. Pratt heard them talking.

09/27/2006 03:25 am
thanks for the great chapter! hope zander doddesn't do something stupid at spike's crypt

09/26/2006 09:40 pm
Excellent chapter - nice creepy edge to Willow too.

09/26/2006 08:48 pm
Great chapter

09/26/2006 08:40 pm
Go Tara!

Hope Xander actually listens to Spike instead of brushing off his injuries and anything he has to say.

09/26/2006 07:37 pm
Poor Tara! Really didn't like that part of the episode...of all the people that don't deserve that...

Love Anne, but we're always saying that. So glad she's there to put Giles off his footing.

Knew Dawn would sneak out. Classic teen diversion with Janice's lame snark.

Wilow's getting further on the magic kick than original time, at least in her head...and she'll do her black-eyed vengeance thing on Glory once she finds Tara.

At least Buffy's in a bit better place, with Anne around, and Xander, too. Anya really needs to be accepted by the group, though, just like Spike. She hs plenty of useful knowledge if they would just ask her.