Possession by icemink
Chapter: First Fight

12/10/2006 02:06 am
Nasty Buffy. Good Chapter.

09/30/2006 02:30 pm
I was not sure what to think about this Story in the first few Chaps, but it gets better and better with every Chap. Spike reminds me of Russel Crow in the first part of Gladiator. I really start to like this Story.
Please update soon.

09/29/2006 09:54 pm
excellent read, thank you. love spike's last comment.

09/28/2006 11:11 pm
I'm really glad you're going to continue this one. I found it a while ago and thought it wasn't being updated anymore. Even though it's so different than anything in the series you've really managed to catch the voices of Buffy (esp S6 and S7 Buffy) and Spike! Hope to see more soon.

09/28/2006 08:03 pm
I read all the chapters posted on this fic yesterday and I loved it. It is such a pleasure when someone can find the 'voices' of Spike and Buffy and put them in a whole new world and setting totally away Joss' unsatisfying manipulations.....so thank you. I look forward to more new chapters.

09/28/2006 03:38 pm
She's one tough cookie!

09/27/2006 03:57 pm
Love the new update. I really like this story and look forward to seeing how this works out. Thanks!

09/27/2006 12:07 pm
Thank you for updating this wonderful fic. Apparently your trip to Long Beach and seeing James got your muse going as well, that we all appreciate it more then you know. Hate that Spike's in the position that he's in, fighting for his life again. Can't wait for Buffy to take advantage of the training sessions after effects! Thanks again for this great chapter.

09/27/2006 10:38 am
This is one hard Buffy! I have no doubt that Spike will find a way to get under her skin eventually though. He always had a way of getting into her heart after all *G*.

I missed this story, glad to see this excellent update.


09/27/2006 06:08 am
I can't wait until he starts teaching her. Lets her know exactly what she is, what she was made for, her destiny. And yeah, he could even help her fit into the real world again.

09/27/2006 03:11 am
thanks for the update! i thought maybe we weren't going to see any more of this fic. glad to see you back
No, I'ver just had a hard time writing lately. But I'm back now so there should be more soon.

Elizabeth Anne Summers
09/27/2006 03:06 am
Poor spikey-poo ^.^

09/27/2006 02:29 am
Glad to see you update this story. I love the idea of the center, and how Buffy is ignorant of the possibilities life could hold. Please update more frequently.
Thanks, and sorry about the long delay between updates. I'm going to try and get new chapters out much more frequently.

09/27/2006 01:58 am
excellent update, pet....i was so glad to see that you'd updated, i was beginning to be afraid id never see more of this great story...the backstory on buffy really helps a lot, helped to make everything make sense...poor spike, though...i feel bad that she chose, in the end, to punish him...she's still a slave to the world she lives in, isn't she? can't wait for another update, pet, this one was awesome!
Thanks. Sorry it took me so long to update. My life's been crazy and I've had a lot of trouble writing recently, but I should be updating a lot more now.

And yes, Buffy's very much a prisoner here too.