Through Time to Me by Lilachigh
Chapter: Epilogue. Have Fun?

04/10/2013 11:28 am
Great Story:)

Thanks. :-)
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05/10/2009 11:05 am

Very Neatly Done - wonderful combination of a the time travel and fantastic meeting and the individual sorrows of both - plus the very sad tale of Maria being chosen at such a young age.

02/04/2009 10:59 am
A lovely jaunt.  You did a great job of straddling the irritation and solace that Buffy and Spike experience in their relationship.  So very unique to put them back into tudor england with Shakespeare.  Thanks for your story.
 Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to comment on this story, which is a particular favourite of mine!   Always nice to hear what people think about older work.  You peer back at it, tempted to change this and that, then decide that perhaps it is better left just as it is because that was what you were writing then!

Glad you enjoyed it.  I could just see WS as a Watcher!

01/29/2007 05:07 am
That was great I loved it..

cassi can see
01/22/2007 07:17 am
good story

10/27/2006 08:04 am
I just loved this story! Very cute. I hope it continues and buffy stops being a wench.
Thank you.

10/23/2006 03:53 pm
So great! Will was a cute twist.
Thanks a lot. Glad you liked it.

10/19/2006 06:20 pm
wonderful! Sigh I wish I knew what happaned to maria lol - I am nosy. *Sigh* that would have been kinda cool to just stay in the past and no time would have moved in the future. I wonder what would have happened when they caught up to current time.
thanks for reviewing each chap. So glad you enjoyed my Tudor time travel romp! Pleased, too, that you got the Darla/Liam ancestor link. Lots of people didn’t! I was going to edit it to make it clearer, but thought it would spoil things. What do you think?
Like the idea of time standing still until you reach present time. Hmm, runs away to think....

10/13/2006 05:30 am
fun read, thank you. enjoyed the tease at the end.

10/12/2006 06:16 am
oh what a perfectly delicious ending! love it! would love to see a sequel to this, and you do realize you've left it wide open for one? :)
Thank you so much. Yes, going away to have a think! But must finish some wips first! Hits head on desk.

10/12/2006 04:03 am
Very inventive and fun to read. Good job!
thank you so much.

10/12/2006 02:42 am
I do hope that’s not a scream of dislike! Crosses fingers.

10/11/2006 05:13 pm
Fantastic story! I loved Spike and Buffy's adventure, and the ending of the story was wonderful. :)
I really appreciate your comments.

10/11/2006 03:49 pm
I love how Spike always seems to understand what’s going on with Buffy and that she let him comfort her. I love the open ending and the possibility of more adventures. Thanks so much for such a fun read.
Thank you so much.

10/11/2006 03:06 pm
ooh! possibly a sequel? as always a great story. A winner from beginning to end. As I've said before, I love Buffy and Spike's interaction. Makes for great story telling. Can't wait for next story
Thank you for reviewing. yes, there will be another story! Not sure when hopefully sometime fairly soon! Wracks brain!

10/11/2006 01:10 pm
I love the open ending - at least she's isn't blowing him off completely.