Three for a Secret... by Lilachigh
Chapter: Chp 9 Two for Gold

06/01/2010 12:04 pm

04/11/2007 01:43 am
Arabelle is freakily obsessed with William. That sort of "love" isn't healthy. Yuck!

02/05/2007 01:50 am
I'm happy Buffy and Spiek are seeing eye to eye, now only if he can get past the whole family and sire/childe thing things will go great.

01/09/2007 08:25 am
Sorry I missed this update but you know I couldn't help it, just glad you'd finally gotten back to it and this next update. Now thing's are clear, for me, even if it's getting darker for Spike. At least she doesn't want to hurt Hope, I was afraid that she might to get back at Spike. So Buffy's butterfies were really bats? Poor Spike, he could see them but not her, how weird is that world! Really surprised that Buffy's being so level headed about his childe and I loved that she admitted to him that she's jealous of any female that gives him the eye. Almost feel a little sorry for Arabella, being the third wheel with her family but only for a moment, Spike has already "bagged" this slayer and she's hands off! Great chapter, thanks.
Yes, they all see things differently, which I admit is complicated, but necessary. There is one similarity though......

Sorry for Arabella! yeah, someone feels like me. I adore the girl; so bitchy, so evil, so constantly longing for the unobtainable!

01/09/2007 03:12 am
Gotta love Arabella. At least she is honest to herself.

01/08/2007 04:29 pm
Poor Buffy, forced to say nice things about Cuz Arabella. That's just not right.

11/08/2006 07:05 am
Great chapter. I'm glad you updated. I was so happy that Buffy admitted to being jealous. About time! lol

11/07/2006 07:07 am
very good read, thank you. when did buffy become mature? for her sake, i hope div'vid is the one to set his erring wife straight.

11/06/2006 02:31 am
Great story, Lilac. The dimension that looks different to each character is a very interesting idea.
So glad you’re enjoing the story.

11/04/2006 11:17 pm
man, just when i was starting to feel sorry for her, she reminds you that she's all stand that girl, but i have to say the way buffys handling herself at the moment is very impressive, not being petty and trying to think the best of arabella, for spike's sake...great chapter, looking forward to more :)
Arabella would say she’s had a hard life and why shouldn’t you feel sorry for her! She is the most aggravating person to write about but I think Buffy is winning - for now!

11/04/2006 12:35 am
Glad to see more on this fic. I just love to hate Arabella, and I feel sorry for everyone who gets dragged through her "show William how much he can't unlive without me" schemes.
So glad you’re enjoying the story. Apologies for long delaying in updating. Will try and do better next time!

11/03/2006 09:51 pm
sheesh...Buffy is right... arabella IS a ho...

Great story!

11/03/2006 09:35 pm
great chapter :)

11/03/2006 07:53 pm
Arabella makes my blood boil - though I suppose we can't blame her for wanting Cousin William. She'll just have to join the queue!
Absolutely, although I’m afraid Arabella doesn’t do ‘queues’!!

11/03/2006 07:26 pm
I liked the pep talk Buffy gave to Spike. It was so great to see her being so caring and supportive.
Arabella is such self-centered brat, it would serve her right if Div’vid saw through her act and decided to divorce her. Can't wait to find out what happens next. Loved the chapter!
Thank you. Yes, i think Div’vid’s reactions will be interesting.

11/03/2006 06:38 pm
Sick evil bitch.

I'm glad Buffy is using the think first approach. Much more adult behavior than what we saw that season. And even thinking of Spike's feelings. Almost declared her own, too.
I do hope you meant Arabella, not me! And yes, Buffy is a little more grown up in this story than in the first one. But then she’s having to help Spike much more, isn’t she?