Possession by icemink
Chapter: Chapters 7&8

12/17/2006 10:20 pm
Looks like both of them learned something the day of the fight and not I don't blame Spike one bit for trying to get back to his world, "their" world. It's always nice to have a naked Spike to look at even if it's just his chest. So glad that your posting here, I still have trouble with the text at your site. Wonderful read, thanks.

12/10/2006 02:19 am
Very interesting. Spike's got her number now.

11/19/2006 02:25 pm
Looks like seduction is the way forward for Spike.

This is a fascinating premis for a story. All that Buffy's been through and her consequent fear of the outside world...

I'm certainly looking forward to your next update.

11/18/2006 07:37 am
spike seems to have a plan. he'll probably get caught in his own trap. fun read, thank you.

11/17/2006 05:29 pm
Delighted to see more of this cery unique story. Great update (and TWO chapters....woo hoo).

Spike is laying a trap that we all know he'll fall into himself, the dear boy...likely heart first.

I am enjoying the relationship that is building with these two warriors. Look forward to more.


11/17/2006 03:07 pm
That's my boy -- soon you'll be playing her like a violin!

11/17/2006 09:23 am
Catch more flies with honey, Spike...now you've got the right idea. Ah, he has so much to teach her...she really is clueless.

11/17/2006 07:25 am
i think spike's playing a dangerous game...buffy's so scarred by her own experiences that she's very suspicious...and she's hardened enough to be dangerous to him...still, i hope his plan works

11/17/2006 04:38 am
great chapters

11/17/2006 04:27 am
Clever demon, posing for the girl - it would work on me, Spike. Yeah, it would. Wouldn't have taken so long either.

11/17/2006 04:00 am
Baaaad Spike, hehe

11/17/2006 03:58 am
Oh yay! Finally an update. I really like this story. It was nice getting 2 chapters at once. I think she's in trouble if Spike's strategy is seduction rather then outright rebellion. I'd fall for it. Can't wait for more.