Brave New World by JamesMFan
Chapter: Kick or Lick?

12/28/2006 05:04 am
Feeling like forever since I last read this, so nice to get back to it. Spike was alway's about grand gesture's. Kinda hoping they'd spare for a bit and maybe fall into each other's arm's, but I hope you're saving that for another day, just call me a romantic. Faith is different from them and still is but for Buffy's sake, I hope she can pull it off. Great chapter, thanks, JMF.

11/28/2006 11:31 pm
'No you don't' -- exactly what I was thinking! Good luck with the new roomie.

11/26/2006 08:05 pm
Although Buffy is quite thick when it comes to the soul/souless thing, I think that Spike willingly getting a soul because he felt remorse after hurting Buffy would at least open her up to the possibility that Spike had a conscience both pre and post soul.

However, I think Buffy's biggest grudge with Faith has nothing to do with redemption, or slaying, or vampires with/without souls. Buffy hates Faith because she messed with her boyfriends--sleeping with Riley and trying to steal Angel. I don't think Faith could ever redeem herself in Buffy's eyes for that

11/26/2006 11:03 am
Great update!

11/26/2006 09:12 am
God you'd think seeing how much alike Souled and Unsouled Spike were Buffy would buy a clue! LOL Same ole Slayer (okay, she hasn''t had time to fully process, I'll give her that).

Love the update, missed the story. Yes, I can see Spike with the grand gestures. Buffy need to see it's more than that. He still loves her and he won't let her go again easily.


11/26/2006 06:44 am
very good read, thank you. love spike's gesture, even if buffy claims she doesn't.

11/26/2006 06:22 am
oh that scene was so perfectly in character for both of them...just like spike to make a gesture like that...and the dialogue was flawless, very well done, very much enjoyed it

11/26/2006 04:54 am
She's such a dope...she's still believing that bull about souls? It's not about soul or no soul,'s about choice. Free will. Talk to Faith about it. Grow up a little.

11/26/2006 03:47 am
Glad to see this up. And I liked the points Spike made about Faith. But I agree with Buffy - Spike shouldn't quit. Having a man on the inside can only help.