Possession by icemink
Chapter: A Battle of Wills

12/17/2006 11:29 pm
Wonder what he has in mind for Spike and Buffy? Well some of the pieces are starting to come together but we know how many layers Buffy always has. It's never easy to figure her out. Spike has to think a little more before he makes his next move, that's for sure. Wonderful chapter, thanks.

12/10/2006 02:32 am
Excellent fight, I really enjoyed that.

12/02/2006 06:09 pm
I wonder how Spike will respond now that he knows Buffy used to be a slave. Or what exactly Daryl wants with Spike and how he can cause such fear in Buffy.

12/01/2006 08:40 pm
excellent read, thank you. spike is starting to understand. let's hope is devious mind comes up with a plan, that works.

11/29/2006 09:50 pm
thank you for updating, liking this story

11/29/2006 12:16 am
Oh goody! Now Spike can get a handle on Buffy -- he can be more help than she thinks.

11/28/2006 05:16 am
This is so original! It is such a pleasure to find a story with a unique plot that is so well written. I enjoy reading AUs but many fall short. This little gem has me on the edge of my seat. I also appreciate how well in character you're keeping Buffy and Spike. Their situation is vastly different from the canon but they are still true to themselves. You've made a big fan out of me. I can't wait for the next chapter!

11/28/2006 01:18 am
Terrific update. I like how the plot it moving along, Spike is starting to figure out things, and Darryl is just ugh! She ought not to give in to him and let him take Spike - and I'm beginning to see where she may get her squeamishness.
Thanks. And you don't even know anything about Daryl yet and you already think he's 'ugh' Buffy's going to have some tough choices ahead of her.

11/28/2006 01:08 am
Great chapter! Looking forward to seeing what happens next.

11/27/2006 10:08 pm
AHA, Spike has a clue and that is all it usually takes him to figure things (and Buffy) out. I have a feeling that this Daryl has a "thing" for pretty fighters (and lots of power....I think HE'S the one who called the fight, so Spike could stay pretty). Methinks that Buffy had her "Angelus moment" with this creep and she already cares enough to not put Spike through it.

Nice update in a well crafted story. Always look forward to updates. Excellent.

lol 'Angelus moment' is that what we're calling it now? As for Daryl calling the fight, I hadn't really thought of that, but it would make sense. May have to work that into the next couple chapters if it fits in.

11/27/2006 09:10 pm
LoL... well.... can't say I argue with the whole hitting is a sign of affection to him... lol
hehe. Yeah I couldn't reists that. We'll just pretend it's because Spike likes strong women.

11/27/2006 08:35 pm
Just want you to know that this is one story that I anxiously look forward to finding another update. The plots thickens..and nicely. Thanks for a great read.
Thanks. I'm trying to get back into the writing habit, and I'll try to keep the updates coming regularly.

11/27/2006 07:30 pm
oh man..what does daryl want with spike? it cant be good, judging by the way that guy was talking...i hope she doesn't let him hurt spike...great chapter, looking forward to more
No, Daryl doesn't want anything good. As for Buffy, she's going to have a tough choice ahead of her.

11/27/2006 07:04 pm
Yep, Spike...use that sharp brain of yours and work out a plan...

He was always a good demon fighter. The only beings that really messed him up were Buffy, Glory, and the Ubervamp. And the last was only because he'd been captured and tortured to begin with.
You forgot Buffy's mom But yes, this Spike can definitely hold his own in a fight, especially with all the training he's been recieving.

11/27/2006 07:00 pm
Bingbingbing! It all starts to make sense to Spike. And I presume from what was just said that Darryl requires a ... personal audience with all the attractive slaves sent into the Circle? Which included Buffy and includes Spike? And I'm guessing it's not all hearts and roses, either.

Really liking this story. Well written.
Glad you're enjoying it, and yeah, Daryl is definitely not a hearts and roses guy.