Brave New World by JamesMFan
Chapter: Nostalgia and Brilliance

05/22/2010 06:19 pm

01/11/2007 03:34 am
very good update, thank you. mya is doing all she can, someoneelse will have to point the way.

01/10/2007 08:10 pm
Know wonder Spike love's Mya so much, she has to remind him of his Dawn, the little match-maker. Got a kick out of Spike's assesment of Angle, big forhead...little brain. Wondering if this "date" will be any better then the last time they were together. Thanks for the update, JMF, great chapter.

01/10/2007 02:43 pm
I love the bit about Angel's big forehead/brain mass...hee. (don't we all love the potshots taken at Angel's expense, tho?) I sure hope that Buffy and Spike can "brainstorm" something...

01/10/2007 01:48 pm
Mya is playing little miss match-maker, isn't she? LOL! I just got caught up with the last few chapter, they are all very good!

01/10/2007 03:31 am
Subtle, Mya!

Ah, pictures....

Angel's idea works in thory..if Wes was around, he'd know how to do it.

Still say just mojo Buffy back to her own time. If she can come one way, she can go back.

01/10/2007 02:16 am
Ok, love Mya, wasn't sure about her at first, but yeah, she's awesome. And Angel? So over-rated. Too bad Willow can't just do a spell and zip her back to just after she disappeared. Anyway, keep going, wanting to read more!

01/10/2007 01:56 am
Oh, those photos are so sad... and funny. I love Mya, and the comparison to Dawn is apt in so many ways.

01/10/2007 01:06 am
I really enjoy Mya as a charater. I'm sure that you've based her on Dawn, but she does have subtle differences. She's a little bolder, but any kid raised by Spike would have to be.

One thing to note, though: Sam Finn gave Xander the idea for the disposable cameras when he asked her about wedding photographers in "As You Were."
Thanks for the tip!

01/10/2007 12:41 am
You have to love Mya for trying to get them together. Nice moments between the Scooby gang, especially the teasing of Xander. I also liked the relationship between Angel and Spike and that there seems to be more of a sibling rivalry than anything else. i really do wish someone would just come up with a great solution to this problem

01/09/2007 11:05 pm
LOL at mya's brilliance... i love her, she's the little nostalgia session, too, very sweet...very much looking forward to more

01/09/2007 10:35 pm
A little matchmaker! How Dawnlike and sweet. Love this update.

I don't see the problem if they can prove (testamony) that Buffy was in another dimension. She can't help that times and laws changed while she was gone. Now that she knows the rules she can vow to abide by them. I think a jury would buy that.

Funny to think that Buffy disappeared before finding out that Spike killed Robin's mom (I always thought she was a slow take not to put two and two together.)

Excellent update. Loving this story still.


01/09/2007 10:09 pm
They'll need to get thinking, pronto. The photos could swing it.