Possession by icemink
Chapter: Rats

05/28/2009 12:11 am
I like the way you build up the family life of the vamps. "They were just as tainted with love as he and Dru had been" Spike knew that Darla wanted Angelus back and he didn't hesitate to help. 

02/18/2007 11:21 pm
This is creepy. And, not even being able to kill rats? That's just too harsh.

01/13/2007 07:16 pm
Wow so Angel was captured by the initiative and turned into this crazy person. Explains why Darla needs help, and why she turned so many initiative people. Seems Willow and Xander were also turned and have a strange relationship to Angel. I wonder what Spike will do to try and help them. It's telling that they all do thing of trying to help one another even if they want to deny having feelings for one another
It's telling that they all do thing of trying to help one another even if they want to deny having feelings for one another

This is kind of how I view vampires in the Jossverse. They are capable of all this emotion, just most of them deny it. What makes Spike different is that he embraces his emotions, especially love.

So thanks for the review, even if I'm very slow in answering it.

01/11/2007 03:47 pm
Ain't family life grand even for Vampires. Good Chapter

01/11/2007 03:51 am
interesting world you present and a very good read, thank you. being an angel hater, your tale forces me to feel sorry for the poof.
Thanks, I was hoping to make people sympathetic to Angel. As much as I hate Buffy/Angel, I like the character of Angel so it's great to find new ways to use him. And he's pretty used in this story.

01/11/2007 03:39 am
Really a chilling account of the Initiative (and my mind went to our Spike and how we only saw a glimmer of what had to have happened to him before escape).

Love the name Darla of the hard eyes (how fitting)! But love her two sides best.

So Willow and Xander are vamps heh? Tee hee....yup, Vamp Willow DID love to play with the puppy. Nice parallel to that dimension.

Excellent as always.


Thanks. I was pretty proud of Darla of the Hard Eyes myself, and I like the idea that Angel's so messed up that he's splitting Darla up in the same way he splits himself up into Angel/Angelus.

01/10/2007 09:21 pm
awww...poor angel...you made me feel so bad for him....and darla, you've written her flawlessly....looking forward to the next chapter

01/10/2007 03:23 pm
Oh oh! I'm sorry, I didn't realize that might come across as maybe meaning how you wrote him. You did good... I just meant I never liked Angel... I'm a rabid Angel-basher and most people know that, lol
I gotcha. Well I figure that any Spuffy story will bring a bunch of Angel haters.

01/10/2007 10:28 am
An excellent twist, chipped Angel -- who'd have thought it?

01/10/2007 08:32 am
Nice twist IM. Figured it was the Initiative but Angelus was the twist. To bad Willow and Xander are vamps Don't see how Buffy will be helping this new family of vamps, definately not all of them anyway. So now you've really got my curiosity peaked, as to how they can get together. Great work, thanks for the update.
Thank you. And remember this Buffy has a slightly different take on the world than the Buffy we're used to. But you're right about one thing, it won't be easy for her to get along with them.

01/10/2007 03:21 am
Interesting perspective, mixing the Initiative with the Wishverse.

poor mad, soulful Angel.
Thanks, I didn't really think of it as mixing the Wishverse, I just figured without Buffy around, Willow would have been vamped, and we know what vamp Willow was like. Glad you're enjoying it.

01/10/2007 02:58 am
YAY!! Poor Angel...but will Buffy and Spike ever see each other again? What's gunna happen to Buffy now that Spike is gone? Is she gunna continue in the circle competition? If she is who's gunna replace Spike? I personally hope she continues the competition or replaces the guy darla killed and becomes head honcho in the Demonic world and cuz she's human some stupid fuck thinks she's not worthy of the position and challenges her where after some odd years Spike is in the crowd and sees her beat the shit out of the guy and realize that's she's become more harden, more demonic, more feral. A totally ruthless Buffy: too human to be demonic and too demonic to be human...yeah...that'd be awesome!
Wow, you've given this some thought. In fact you've written a whole alternate ending to my story. Which is the only hint I'm going to give you. Glad you 've enjoyed it.

01/10/2007 02:31 am
icky pathetic angel
You find him icky? I guess he is sort of, but that's because he's never had a purpose, and still hasn't found a way to live with his soul. Plus all the torture.

01/10/2007 01:48 am
I almost feel sorry for Angel with a soul and a chip - and a lot worse chip than what Spike had, although come to think of it, we never did know if the pain only came for humans, or other living things (assuming that demons can be classified as not alive). Wondering how you are going to get Buffy back into this.
I've always felt that the more you try to think logically about the chip, the less sense it makes. But you're right, it was never clear what Spike was doing with those kittens he won at poker.