Brave New World by JamesMFan
Chapter: Everything

04/19/2011 10:05 pm
Ahhhh, finally!  (Nice scene)

Yay. :-)
05/23/2010 01:49 am

01/16/2007 06:25 am
yes, she is an idiot. fortunately spike isn't listening to her. very good read, thank you.

01/15/2007 10:22 am
OOOOOHHHH!!!! this is getting steamy!!

01/14/2007 03:47 pm
At last!!! Phew -- for a minute there I thought they were going to blow it!!

01/14/2007 09:01 am
lol...just what she needed to do to convince him! poor guy, so uncertain, even after thirty years, because of all the badness that passed between them...that scene was so beautifully, emotionally written...loved it

01/14/2007 08:20 am
Geez Spike about stinking time! honestly surprised he wasn't a complete dopehead enough to just let her wa;l out the door.

$20 says he regrets it first tho - cuz he silly like that.

01/14/2007 05:13 am
Oh boy. For a second there I thought they'd blown it. Nice build up.

01/14/2007 05:12 am
Neither one of them ever were the "brain's of the group", That was Willow and Giles job, but I think they can come up with something! At least Spike can! You wrote that perfectly. Of course with Spike being cautious, that hesitation would spook her. He loved someone enough to marry her and was happy, raised a daughter as his own, so yeah, she would totally think that, in that moment. Thanks for not letting Spike miss it. They may not have alot of time but they have now. Something they didn't have then. Another great chapter, can't wait to see how far you take them. Thanks, JMF.

01/14/2007 03:29 am
Thank goodness you didn't let her get out that door!

01/14/2007 02:46 am
Hello, Buffy! He's trying to be a good guy about this....

And he has a good idea about the Shadowmen. She's being stubborn and short-sighted. The Shadowmen *wanted* you to learn, Buffy! How easy she forgot what she wrote down.....

01/14/2007 01:53 am
oh i love this story! Thank so you so much for updating



01/14/2007 01:36 am
Hells yeah!! Now they're making out, they're gonna have this figured out in no time. Excellent update!

01/14/2007 01:24 am
Haven't commented before but am really enjoying this story and the way you've let Spike evolve since Buffy and now with her. Keep it coming!

01/14/2007 01:16 am
Poor guilty for no reason Spike! Finally Buffy shows some sense. Good update. Smart daughter Spike raised.


01/14/2007 01:15 am
FINALLY! GEEEEZ! I liked this chapter. I hope that she doesn't freak out, or Mya walk in or the lawyer, you know? I am really into this story, and would love to see another update soon. Feed that muse!