The Worst Betrayal by TwilightChild
Chapter: A Glimpse of Hell

01/20/2007 04:20 pm
This was excruciatingly icky to read even so I can sympathize with the character retching. Very dark Angelverse sort of dimension..

01/17/2007 06:27 am
Great chapter, but at the same time kinda disturbing. It was good to see the way Xander reacted.

01/17/2007 04:55 am
Probably shouldn't have read that after that warning, but I always read/watch horror eventhough I know it's going to scare the crap out of me. Guess if it does, then I know it was good My husband has banned me from watching scary movies at home, but he has no idea what I read online

01/17/2007 04:53 am
That was awful! Those evil bastards need to be stopped. I love how you had Xander say that no one, with or with out a soul, deserved that sort of treatment. Somehow I believe it means more coming from him. I can't wait for the rest of this story! Please up date soon!

01/17/2007 04:33 am
Wow, you made me almost like Xander for a second--an amazing accomplishment in itself. I love the way this story has begun and the description of the torture in this chapter is just gut wrenchingly real. Update soon!

01/17/2007 04:15 am
Gut-wrenching, horrifying and powerful chapter. You made all of the scoobies - even Xander - see that vampires are sentient creatures, and that evil isn't always simply a matter of being a demon. Talk about having to come to terms with a world that exists in shades of gray. And it's really scary to think that Spike might have fallen into the hands of these slavers. Can't wait to read more.

01/17/2007 03:30 am
Trying to imagine the horror of a true silent scream. *Shudder* Poor Spike.

01/17/2007 03:12 am
not terribly surprised by buffy's reaction, but am amazed by xander's. very good read, thank you.

01/17/2007 02:51 am
Xander is capable of compassion after all, who'da thought! Of course they have to do something about it! Even as demon's, they don't deserve to be tortured like that but they have soul's which make's it an atrocity even more heinous. Just scared that Spike's there already! A very necessary chapter, they needed to see that. Excellent chapter, thanks.

01/17/2007 01:54 am
omg... that was terribly gruesome.. *shudder* good chapter, but too much visual..

01/17/2007 01:52 am
And still she hasn't snapped that Spike is missing! Thick Buffy! Have a bad feeling there is a good Slayer Dream reason that Spike isn't making any sound with his scream. Gaaahhhh.

Anxious to see how the title works into the story. You are doing a great job.


01/17/2007 01:01 am
love it, pet...very dark and gruesome...yet powerful and shocking, making us long for buffy to hurry up and end it, set those souled vampires free (also, just thought of this -- kind of opens up a whole realm of possibilities, doesn't it? i mean, these vamps are gonna need care to recover...and once they do, they could actually be allies of the slayer....hmmm...all sorts of interesting possibilities )