The Worst Betrayal by TwilightChild
Chapter: Missing Something

01/20/2007 04:36 pm
Love the "running-away skills" comment!
But alas once again Buffy is completely and utterly clueless. At least Dawn has an inkling.

01/19/2007 08:52 pm
as much as i dislike saying it, buffy take angel. very good chapter, thank you.

01/19/2007 10:41 am
GBod - you'd think Buffy would maybe consider Spike hadn't just up and left!

01/19/2007 07:11 am
Oh no! How long have they had him? You know they'll use Buffy's form to torture him, maybe even Dawn's. He's already tortured with the love he has for her. Please let them find him soon. Guess it was the only thing that she could do, call Angel. If there are over one hundred of them there, she's got to do something with them. Some she might have to dust and since not of these vamps are cursed they wouldn't have the "happiness" clause to worry about. Glad she's upset about him being gone. Can't wait for her to get back without Spike and learn what Dawn's worried about because Spike doesn't LEAVE, everyone else leaves but not Spike. Thanks for the update, hoping you post again soon. Great work, thanks.

01/19/2007 06:41 am
Great chapter, I love it. Buffy is Denial Girl and Xander buys everything she says.
I'm worried for Spike and what they will find at the brothel.

01/19/2007 05:47 am
Wonderful chapter. You captured Buffy's emotions so wonderfully, so realistically. I do wonder whether Spike has become the latest victim of the brothel...and what lengths Buffy will go to in order to get him back. Update soon!

01/19/2007 04:32 am
i love it, pet...very excellent chapter...and buffy is completely in denial, isn't she? i guess she would have figured it out by now if she wanted to, but she doesn't, huh? great chapter, looking forward to more

01/19/2007 03:26 am
Buffy is too stubborn for words! Take Angel you nit!

01/19/2007 02:42 am
Buffy, Buffy....Why would Spike leave town without his things? Why would he leave a full bag of blood and a dirty cup out if he was leaving Sunnydale?
That girl is the Queen of Denial and it's going to be quite the shock when she's pulled out.

Great chapter and I can't wait for more. Please update soon!

01/19/2007 01:53 am
she hasnt clicked yet??

01/19/2007 01:06 am
I'm loving this fic. Excellent work.