Mask and Mirrors by pfeifferpack
Chapter: Chapter 19

03/03/2008 12:27 am
Are you blind?!?  
Bloke hasn't killed anyone but Ben--which was only to prevent the kicking of your sorry as*es --  and you lot are trying to accuse him for what he had done in decades ago!

No,I'll never understand the Scoobies,let alone Buffy...

Nice chapter
Thank you...yes they are idiots but that is the way they acted.  They always seemed to hold Spike to human standards and find fault with him.   k

06/18/2007 09:07 pm
Good grief -- Spike's never going to be good enough for this lot! What an interrogation!
No the poor boy never really was given much credit even on the show (die to save the world...meh *G*). Thank you. k

06/03/2007 10:40 pm
I know this hasn't been updated in a while, but it's a great story, and I hope you write more of it.
Thank you. RL has been seriously kicking my butt of late but more is coming very soon. I need to finish the writing and get it to my Beta but there WILL be an update soon. Thank you again for the encouragement.


04/28/2007 05:59 am
Eeep!! I just realized that I forgot to leave a review!! *smacks forehead* Sorry about that!! I'm really glad that Spike's told them how he views them now as opposed to before--as real people, not just 'Happy Meals on Legs.' I'm also really glad that Spike was given a chance to tell them what happened and not get staked for it. Can't wait for more!!
Don't be sorry hon! Sorry I'm so late in replying (and updating). Glad you are enjoying the story and I vow to update soon.


04/23/2007 11:04 pm
oh good, so glad they're not all mad at him anymore and not threatening to stake him, don't blame him a bit for leaving...maybe buffy will actually realize that he matters to him when she discovers (horror of horrors!) that she actually *misses* him while he's gone!! excellent chapter, love, looking forward to more as soon as you can manage it
I have all my notes for the continuance but RL interrupted my flow. Meanwhile my muse scampered off and has been stubbornly refusing to return of late. (some grudge against Joss and his season 8 stuff monkeying with all our hard work with post NFA/Chosen storylines...he'll get over it). *G* I really hope and plan to update and finish this one very soon. Thank you for reading, it means so much to get positive feedback especially from someone with your talent. k

03/03/2007 07:31 pm
Great chapter
Thank you! k

02/03/2007 04:16 pm
I haven't been reviewing until the end because i have been so caught up in this story. You are a great writer I really hope you update this one soon! What a great twist! I think this is the first story i have read that brings Spikes mom back into play. Great job you did awesome and I can't wait for the next update. I think all the charaters are true to form too. GREAT JOB!
I am thrilled you have been caught up! I do the same with longer stories. I am hoping to have the next chapter this coming week (my goal at least). I love hearing that the characters seem to be accurate. Thank you so much.


01/25/2007 07:08 am
"her vampire." buffy seems to have made a decision well beyond the conversation. loved the chapter, thank you for the fine read.
Yes Buffy's subconscious is sensible at least. Thank you. k

01/23/2007 06:35 am
"Her vampire". Well, looks like Buffy's subconscious has made a decision, even if her conscious mind hasn't caught up yet. Glad to see more of this posted.
Yup....her conscious mind will eventually catch up! Thank you. k

01/23/2007 05:46 am
I'm really liking eloquent Spike. Excellent update. Can't wait for more.
Yes, Spike is able to use those words when he wants to. Just look at his speech to Buffy on the show where he explained his love for about eloquent! Thanks k

01/23/2007 01:48 am
They just won't give Spike a chance. I am glad that he has his mother and Dawn on his side. Just love Anya's bluntness with her conversation with Dawn in the kitchen...
Anya is a lovely character to write for. Thanks. k

01/23/2007 01:43 am
Well done.
Thank you. k

01/22/2007 09:48 pm
Great chapter.
Thanks. k

01/22/2007 04:45 pm
Another update! You rock.

::snicker: "her vampire".
Yup, Buffy's subconscious is on the right team at least. Thanks. k