Forever and a Day by Lilachigh
Chapter: Chp 18 Friends and Enemies

02/03/2007 12:53 pm
Smart move, Willow! I hope Spike can move the big rock.

01/30/2007 10:09 pm
kerflumping? SPIKE said "kerflumping"?

too funny.
thank you. I always like to give Spike some odd words to say. He’s been around such a long time!

01/30/2007 05:00 am
Looks like Willow has discovered some intuition.
Yes, beginning to listen to heart instead of head!

01/29/2007 08:29 am
I enjoyed reading Willow's musings about Spike, it's good to know she's pro Spike. I also like that Willow is not trusting Giles anymore. Loved the new insight about the blob, and the mist. Can't wait to find out who or what the heartbeat belongs to. Fantastic update!
thanks for reading. Yes, I think at last Willow is letting her heart rule her head.

01/29/2007 05:47 am
what? red finally starts to think? very good read, thank you.
thank you.

01/28/2007 03:34 pm
Nice chapter.
thank you for reading. Glad you liked it.