Eve of Destruction by slaymesoftly
Chapter: One

02/04/2007 06:38 pm
Spike's an idiot. Buffy should have popped him in the nose. He'd understand that. Hope Buffy left Kennedy at home, unless you're planning on killing her, of course. Good start.
Hee! Not a Kennedy fan, huh? No problem, she's nowhere to be found here.

02/04/2007 04:55 am
great beginning. thanks for the fine read.
Thanks, I hope you continue to like it.

02/03/2007 02:54 am
looks like another great beginning. I can't wait for an update.
Thanks. Hope you continue to like it

02/03/2007 01:16 am
Leaves him with a leading word, and runs off again. Typical buffy.

Geesh, she had a massive pole up her ass. She didn't have to be so hostile and bitchy about the whole thing. Always wanted to bang into that blonde's head that you'll catch more flies with honey than you will with vinegar.
Well, in all fairness to Buffy, she was hurt and angry and afraid that he didn't love her anymore...And, you know, it's a slayer thing - get hurt, hurt back. Thanks for reading.