Parting Gifts by angelic_amy
Chapter: Tumultuous

02/08/2012 02:53 am

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed this story from the beginning until this point.  It's definitely an interesting and wholly original viewpoint than any other AU season 6 fan fic I've read (and I've read a lot!).  I hope you'll continue this story. 

Thank you,

04/13/2010 05:44 pm
I feel like I´m very hungry and someone just stole any available foot and throw me in an empty cage to suffer. How can  you  be so cruel not to write anything further? Please I`m starving here.You built up my expectations,making me curious about whats to come-and then you just stop-I know, its my fault- I should not read storys that are unfinished.Thank you for writing this-even so it seems you will never finish this.

08/01/2008 09:13 pm
I really wish you would have finished this story...*sobs in corner*
wanted to know new plat twist and end...

Thanks for the wonderful read though

02/18/2007 07:51 pm
I just found this story and I love it! All the twists and turns, Jenna the Slayer Ghost, drunk!Giles, Buffy with dark hair and a pierced tongue (she still hasn't looked in a mirror, yet, has she?), and poor lovelorn Spike. Always Spike. He's going to hate having to give her up again, poor woobie. Keep it coming.
Oh I'm so glad! This story is quite different to everything else I've written so I'm very pleased that you're enjoying this different world. Thanks for your beautiful review, more will be coming soon.

02/06/2007 08:02 pm
very intense, a chapter full of intrigue and mystery...and love drunk!giles, very hilarious, and poor xander...can't wait to see what happens next, love
Thank you! I'm trying to unravel this story a little bit at a time. And Drunk!Giles, what's not the love! Thanks for the review.

02/06/2007 09:57 am
Buffy's not the only one having to adjust to her coming back. Hate that it was Angel's apartment that she went to though. It's going to hurt Spike to find her there, knowing this was where she needed to be alone. She's been at peace all this time, Spike's been in Hell and he's still in there. So many feeling's flying around, surprised all that emotion hasn't caused that dimension to be effected by it. Really glad Jonathon has stepped up to the plate. Update when you can, Amy. It's a great fic, thanks.
You're right, it probably will hurt Spike to find Buffy there. But she needed somewhere she would feel safe in a place that has changed so much. This one of few options. I'm glad you're enjoying Jonathon, he's been fun to write. More will be coming soon, thanks for the lovely review.

02/06/2007 08:39 am
Why do I think Malena set a stage with her "run-in" with the 7 vampires? Most vampires don't use knives. Glad to see that this Jonathan actually has a conscience.
Hmmm, you may be on to something there! LOL. I LOVE Jonathon in this fic, so I'm glad you like him also! More coming soon, thanks for the review.

02/06/2007 05:13 am
C'moooon, get to the her finding out the truuuuuth
It's coming, it's coming! LOL

02/06/2007 03:17 am
My, my, my....what a world, this is...
It's different, huh? Thanks for the review.

02/06/2007 02:35 am
Yea! An update! I had forgotten 'bout this li'l fic, but I really do like it and home to see more soon!
More is coming soon, thank you so much for the review.