The Worst Betrayal by TwilightChild
Chapter: Damned

05/07/2007 09:03 pm
Oooh!! I didn't know you had more of this written

03/04/2007 10:46 pm
Love the dialogue between Buffy and Xander. It shows she's more aware of gray areas than he is.

02/19/2007 04:30 am
I want to compliment you on the way you chose your words. Few words that evoke great emotional power are hard to find and you have found them. For example:
They were going to make it hurt again.

And then – they were going to make it end.

Very soon, oblivion would welcome him like a mother’s warm womb.

Pages of emotion are encased in those three sentences. Bravo!

You are writing a tight, well plotted story here. Thank you for sharing.


02/17/2007 07:18 am
seems xander is right at home. very good read, thank you.

02/12/2007 12:58 am
Good twist. I had to laugh at Xanders comment. Don't know how I missed all these updates, but happy to find them.

02/12/2007 12:11 am
i love this chapter, i love the tension you've built up in buffy's moral dilemma...and i have to say i can see both sides of it...while i really hope they can find a way to save the slaves (i'd love to see how it would turn out as buffy and friends worked to help them get better), i can understand durraks point as well...maybe they'd be better off...oh, i don't know!
which just goes to show what an awesome writer you are!!

02/11/2007 08:43 pm
What an amazing chapter. I still can't get my mind to really grasp the idea of enslaved souled vampires. That means that not only their crimes make them suffer but their owners as well. I weep for them and I hope they can get restore to the world. But how many are they? Maybe Willow can help with the removal of the stones that bind them to this world of slavery? I cannot wait to see how you will rescue our Spike.

02/11/2007 02:06 pm
Spike! He can't die! Buffy have to save him.

02/11/2007 12:39 pm
I wasn't expecting that. Now what will they do? I noticed I hadn't reviewed til now. Sorry. Sometimes when I reading between typing my school reports, I do that. This a fantastic fic and I've enjoyed every chapter.

02/11/2007 08:30 am
Oh crap! He's got a stone inside of him? Can't they feel where they are so that they can be removed? Oh this is so not of-the-good. She can't just put them down, they're just like Angel and she won't be able to forget that. She has to know that Spike has his soul as well. Thanks for putting up three chapters, great work.