The Worst Betrayal by TwilightChild
Chapter: Meeting Matthew

08/29/2007 07:29 am
positively a wonderful chapter -

05/07/2007 09:09 pm
Well done

02/19/2007 04:36 am
Love the backstory on Matthew. Interesting that without a soul he loved Jenny and had NO DESIRE to harm her. Hope Buffy eventually meets Jenny there in Sunnydale and lets her know Matthew died thinking of her.

You raise the same grey area with the vampires that ME did (only they didn't intend to) on Angel. They cast Harmony because she was cute and funny but it DID bring up the idea of non souled vampires that chose to not hunt and kill for whatever reason........interesting notion that Matthew touches on. Newly turned William was not the only one to still love those he did before. I think Liam was the exception and not the rule and Buffy may see this finally.

Sad, sad chapter filled with pathos but so well done. Matthew may well have been beyond help and it was merciful.


02/17/2007 07:24 am
excellent chapter, thank you.

02/12/2007 03:04 am
The only thing I can say is that I am so sad and I want to cry. Please let this not be the fate of our Spike. Please help him, he deserves better.

02/12/2007 12:59 am
What a horrible way for Buffy to come to make that decision - but Matthew was grateful.

02/12/2007 12:12 am
well, i still hope it wont be necessary to destroy them all but i will understand if they have to...poor matthew...that was devastatingly emotional and intense...excellent chapter

02/11/2007 03:41 pm
She does have some mercy--but I'm thinking none for the slavers.

02/11/2007 02:16 pm
Poor Matthew, having to go trough all that. Glad he got what he wanted. Great chapter.

02/11/2007 12:47 pm
Now, you've made me cry. Where's Spike. Hope Buffy finds him soon. And TC, I like your muse very much.

02/11/2007 08:41 am
Poor thing, so hard for both of them. I'm glad she did it in his case. That was just heart breaking. Wonder how many more are going to meet the same fate before this is all over. Very moving, thanks.