The Worst Betrayal by TwilightChild
Chapter: Condemned

05/07/2007 09:12 pm
Great chapter

03/27/2007 12:33 am
Had avoided this for awhile due to the slave theme - but I'm glad I picked it up. Can't wait to see how you get them out of there. They do get out? Right? Gah! Off to read next chapter!

03/04/2007 10:53 pm
Dark hair? Spike's hair as human was light brown, I thought.

02/17/2007 07:30 am
can hear xander whining about staking him already. very good read, thank you.

02/12/2007 05:08 am
Oh, wow ... I'm sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting to see what happens next!

02/12/2007 03:12 am
Yes, she found him now she has to save him and free him and make him feel better. Please make him be alright. I need him to be alright. She needs him to be her warrior her equal.

02/12/2007 01:22 am
You CANNOT just end a chapter like that! Gah. PLEASE hurry up and update, I love this story!

02/12/2007 01:05 am
Buffy should have known sooner. Interesting that Spike never gave in, was in fact tried for murdering his tormentors. Good for him, even at such a price, one of his smartest moves - giving in would have been no better, without the release of death to look forward to.

02/12/2007 12:14 am
oh man...poor spike... i hope they manage to get him out of there okay...well, now they *have* to find a way, right? can't wait for more!!

02/11/2007 06:21 pm
Gasp! Wonder what Xander will suggest now (my guess is a mercy killing). Time to get Spike hidden and let Buffy go ballistic on the animals who've done this.

Excellent updates.


02/11/2007 03:42 pm
Oh, man. Now we're talking berserk Buffy. Looking forward to more of this.

02/11/2007 02:19 pm
Oh god! Poor Spike!

02/11/2007 12:54 pm
I'm seriously crying now and my boyfriend's doing that I-don't-know-what-to-do-when-my-girl-cries thing. He might me looking to kill you. I'm really going to hound you for updates now. Still loving your muse.

02/11/2007 09:57 am
oh god poor Spike. But good on him for killing the masters.

Loving this fic. Looking forward to the next chapter.

02/11/2007 09:05 am
How long had he been there, since he was no longer blond? Of course he would fight, that's what he does now, he's a Master vampire and white hat. Thank god she found him, now to get him out. He'll need blood but would he even accept it from her if he still had his sanity? Bet Xander's going to be big on making sure he's dusted. Can't believe he was gone for that long. Time must be different there. Three Masters and a Mistress? Good for him. Excellent chapter, thanks for sharing you fic.

02/11/2007 07:57 am
Gods, break my heart, why don't you? Killer chapters, hon.

02/11/2007 07:00 am
Oh no. Please don't make us wait too long for the next update.

02/11/2007 06:39 am
These bastards need to be killed.

Wonderful update and thanks for posting three chapters at once, even in you made me cry.

02/11/2007 06:32 am
UHHHH! God now you really have my attention, and I want more of this. Get SPIKE OUT OF THAT HELLHOLE!!!! It just isn't right!
I just caught up with this one,and I need more! Espeacially more since the way you left this chapter is one hell'uva big ole cliffhanger.

02/11/2007 06:22 am
Ahh!!! You can't just leave it like that! How evil!!!
Please update soon.