Slave Master by Blood Faerie
Chapter: One-shot

Thanks :-)
04/30/2010 04:11 pm

04/26/2008 06:39 pm
Excellent! Love teh idea. Too bad its only a one shot. sequel please?

04/26/2008 06:39 pm
Excellent! Love teh idea. Too bad its only a one shot. sequel please?

11/08/2007 01:32 am
Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn. I like your 'dom' Spike. That was hot. And to think uffy went along with it and didn't tell him? WOW! Awesome sweety.
See, now he won the twisted lottery, lmao

08/08/2007 06:39 am
Looking for S2 fics and came across this one. What a real twist! I loved that she'd chosen him. Great Spuffy ending, with a dash of Angel-bashing thrown in. Thanks.
Thank you ^.^ And did you see my other S2 twist?

03/17/2007 07:48 pm
How short, to the plot, and well written. Good job. What an interesting plot.

However, I must harbor a pervert in me because this plot has more than piqued my interest regarding more of the sexual escapades.
Hehe thank you

02/16/2007 02:38 am
that was a fun read, thank you. love the last line.
thank you ^.^

02/13/2007 09:51 pm
Hmm, Buffy showed herself to be the sex addict we all knew her to be! This was fun.
Thank you ^.^

02/13/2007 12:12 am
hmm, was not expecting that she was actually staying with Spike out of her own free will. He must be one heck of a teacher!
hehe thank you

02/12/2007 01:31 pm

02/12/2007 07:13 am
Very nice! I like this MUCH better than the original episode.
Thank you!

02/12/2007 06:55 am
Really nice. Great story.
Thank you ^.^

02/12/2007 06:50 am
I would have liked to have seen Buffy's POV here. I know you wanted a surprise ending, but I have a hard time believing Buffy would just accept Spike doing that to her without any kind of fighting back or anything. That's just me. This isn't meant as a slam, it's just my opinion on it. I mean I know I write the freaky non-con, so it sounds weird for me to say this. It just felt like it needed some more build-up, like inside Buffy's head.
Well then you can write a Buffy POV since you like that sort of kink anyway... or bribe someone else to do it

*looks around the shows you her booty* (_|_)

02/12/2007 04:50 am
wow that was hot!! loved the end, too...very very sexy, love
*blinks* you're not one of the people I bribed to review.... guess i don't have to give you a cookie nm, i like you so you get two cookies

02/12/2007 04:46 am
This was great! Angel was such a moron. Maybe a sequel where he gets staked or humiliated? Or just write a sequel anyway.

Great story and I'm glad you posted it.
*points at the second AN* lol... i don't have any plotbunnies for it at the moment *sly looks then pounces you and humps your leg*

02/12/2007 04:45 am
Twisted, definitely, but in an enjoyable way. Have to love a sex over the railing scene. Plus, an unexpected ending is always good.
yays *hugs... licks a bit... then runs off*

02/12/2007 04:37 am
I LOVE, LOVe, LOVE this fic. I think is awesome and great. Though provoking as well. I didn't see that coming until the end that Buffy had come out of the stuper she was in from the parasite and was willingly staying with Spike. I mean I would have come right out and told him, Hello I'm back. Time for some lovin'. lol But I get why she did it. Again, LOVED the fic. More please?
More? what do you mean more? this is a one shot *distracts you with a cookie*

02/12/2007 04:37 am
That's just genius!
Ohhh.... someone got into the wacky weed. *giggles and hugs*

02/12/2007 04:36 am
Wow - twisted definitely, but so very good. "Oh, I got my shot in..." Yup - that's an ending for you. Glad you posted this.
Thank you!

02/12/2007 04:24 am
Awesome! I can just see Spike trying something like that... and it backfiring of course *grin*