Possession by icemink
Chapter: Plans

05/18/2007 03:24 pm
Clever. I'm really enjoying the twists and turns in this story - and to have Willow back, and still be well-intentioned trouble? What a bonus. Off to read more ...

02/16/2007 02:57 am
excellent read, thank you. so many possibilities.
Thank you. Glad you like where I'm going with this story.

02/14/2007 05:40 am
one word 'YAY'!!

02/13/2007 07:39 am
Hey, girl, thanks for updating. Can't believe that it's almost been a year since I first started reading this fic. The slayer's come such a long way since you first begun this fic. Spike is someone that you can't easily replace. He's definately one of a kind. He'll have to keep her close and away from the rest of them, which is all the better for us! Now they can meet on equal ground. She has less to feel guilty about. Maybe he can mark her so that no one else tries to take her. She may be the slayer but she's dealing with Willow now and even Darla realizes her potential. Great job, thanks.
Glad you like it, and wow, it has been a year hasn't it. I feel like I should have more written. Soon, I tell you, soon. As for Spike, he's definitely up to his ears in vampire polotics now. Thank so much.

02/13/2007 05:36 am
Oooo, Spike is free and offering Buffy some fun. Its a very intriguing twist, and I can't wait to see where you go with it. Hope you continue soon
Thanks. Sorry it took so long to finally get the next chapter out. And yes, Spike is definately offering Buffy some fun, if she knows how to enjoy it.

02/13/2007 03:49 am
Oh, this should be an interesting confluence of people.
Yes, especially since they are living together as one big 'happy' vampire family. Cause we know how well vampires get along.

02/13/2007 03:28 am
It's been awhile since I've read this. I'm surprised with Spike getting out, but I like the direction you are going in. I hope to see more.
Thanks. This is one of those storys that sort of took off on its own. The more I thought about the world I created, the more I saw just how much was going on in it. So glad you like it, and I finally got an update out.

02/12/2007 11:36 pm
Interesting that Spike went back for Buffy to convince her to help him fight the Initiative. Even more so that she went, and admitted to herself that she missed both the fight and him. It will be enlightening to see how she gets along with Darla, Willow and Harmony. Those three could be scary for three different reasons, and I'm curious to see how Buffy interacts with them after so many years of isolation.
Well, Buffy might not react in quite the way you might guess, but I think you'll like it. It is going to be hard for Buffy to suddenly be in the center of a big group after so much time on her own.

02/12/2007 04:30 pm
Okay, that's more like the Darla I remember. Vamp!Willow, huh? And possibly chipped Xander. Looks like things are going to get interesting.
Well Darla's been around awhile so she's complex. I think she's more comfortable simply being the manipulater. And yes, Buffy's going to have a lot to deal with with all these vamps.

02/12/2007 03:55 pm
Wow this is shaping up to be one heck of a tale! Loved it all so far but this twist is a doozie. Oh yeah, can see Willow taking on Darla for the "Evil Bitch with the Biggest Balls" award...and winning! This will really be worth following as Buffy starts to fight for a cause. Wonderful, just wonderful.

Thanks. You know I think vamp Willow and Darla could have a story all of their own. I'm afraid their epic power struggle will only be a minor part of this story, since it's really about Spike and Buffy. Still there's a lot of potential there, and it's sure to influence Spike and Buffy.

02/12/2007 01:55 pm
Yay! Finally an update. This was an interesting development. Can't wait to see what happens next.
Thanks. Sorry I'm slow on the updates, but I finally got another one out.

02/12/2007 01:22 pm
This should be intense. Great Chapter

02/12/2007 10:34 am
Nice twist -- Darla is pretty cool in this.
Thanks. Darla is a favorite character of mine, so I love to find ways to use her, and she just fit so well in this story.

02/12/2007 09:39 am
Ah, well done showing Darla's mindset.

And Spike's roped Buffy in...easy enough, since she's never been educated about the Slayer way...
Thanks, Darla is a favorite of mine. And yes, this Buffy doesn't know anything about Slayers so she's easy to manipulate, especially for Spike.

02/12/2007 07:55 am
Interesting. Having the Slayer join up with a group of vampires but without the ingrained mortal enemy relationship. I wonder how that will turn out.

Also, love vampire Willow!
Glad you like it. And who doesn't like vampWillow? Although I'm afraid she's not the nicest of vamps in this story.

02/12/2007 07:33 am
hmmm...i think there's more to the plan than spike's telling buffy up front, isn't there? loved the chapter...can't wait to see what happens next
Yes there is more to the plan. In fact he didn't really give her a good idea of what the plan is.

02/12/2007 07:30 am
Awwww, bad Spike for leading Buffy into a trap
Well, it's not quite a trap. At least not a trap of Spike's making.