Full Circle by Lilachigh
Chapter: Chp 1

05/25/2012 07:29 am
Good story, there's just one little correction needed ( and yes, I know this is a bit anal). At the dance, only the boys OR the girls would pick a name. If they both did, it would be almost impossible to get a matching name. ie. Dawn may have picked Rory's name but what are the chances that Rory would pick Dawn's name - pretty slim, I suspect. But, again, nice fic.
Hi and thank you so much for reviewing this story which I had almost forgotten about!  Yes, I did mean that only the girls picked from the bowl of names but I wasn't writing very well in those days and it does sound a bit muddled. I'll go edit it!   Glad you enjoyed it though and hope you like some of my others.

02/19/2007 08:22 pm
Thanks for that - Hope Spike prefered the re-run!

02/19/2007 09:01 am
that last paragraph was the perfect frosting on the best cake!
thank you so much

02/17/2007 07:05 am
love the history lesson dawn gives buffy, but she could help with her fashion sense. fun read, thank you.

02/17/2007 01:21 am
The perfect place for a Valentine's reunion.

02/16/2007 11:35 am
Cute one shot LH. And the janitor liked it better when he had to clean up bodies and blood! That's SunnyD for you. Thanks for giving the slayer a special Valentines. Nice piece of trivia, sweetie.
thank you.

02/16/2007 06:24 am
Lovely story. Buffy kinda got her valentine even though they weren't together.
Appreciate you taking the time to review.

02/16/2007 03:28 am
long brown skirt and a very sensible pink top - Ewww. Sweet story, and you got Buffy to cooperate for once.
thank you for reading.

02/16/2007 01:58 am
Wonderful story! I enjoyed the bit at the end with the janitor. Thanks for the lovely belated Valentine's Day read! I hope you had a nice day yesterday!
Thank you. Glad you liked it. Not such a nice day! Lost two thirds of my job so at least have lots more time to write! yes, the light at the end of the tunnel is the on coming train!