Three for a Secret... by Lilachigh
Chapter: Chp 11 Choices

06/01/2010 12:19 pm

04/11/2007 01:59 am
Okay... I so wish I had patch of chocolate chip ice-cream right now.

03/05/2007 06:42 pm
Great chapter :D

02/20/2007 12:52 pm
Just took up reading both stories and wanted to say...I'm hooked!
Sounds painful but in a good way, I hope.

02/17/2007 08:49 pm
div and anya would own the universe. fun read, thank you.
glad you’re enjoying it.

02/17/2007 06:26 am
Good thing that Buffy was with them. So happy that Spike decided where his true loyalties lie. Poor Div'id, now Anya will have to listen to the poor creature looking for his wife. Now to find Hope! So anxious to see if she's aged or how much. Thank you for the update LH, love this series.

02/17/2007 06:11 am
oooh... i like this update.. arabella doesnt exist? hmm.. does that mean that buffy and spike dont either??
Zen, who mentioned Zen? Ahhhhgggghh!

02/17/2007 03:17 am
what??? that sounds too good to be true, honestly!! lol...excellent chapter, and i love anya and div'vid together...that would be awesome...he can be free of evil arabella, and anya can be free of wanker xander...excellent work, love :)
I know, the more I write them, the harder it is to concentrate on the main plot line! I mean Anya selling real estate. it just has to happen. What do you think?

02/17/2007 12:08 am
I'm glad to see more of this story. FINALLY, Spike starts to get it. I'm wondering if people see what they 'deserve' to see--cosmically speaking.
Yes, he’s been a long time in seeing the light, but then he’s a man!

02/16/2007 09:04 pm
huh. So Chip and Dale took them off to another world? One that they feel love and Heaven?
I love your world that everyone sees differently. Nifty idea.
thank you. Well, Buffy feels love and belonging. Not sure how Arabella and Spike will react.....

02/16/2007 08:08 pm
Wonderful update! Gotta give Arabella the credit she's due... that was quite an impressive acting job! Loved the exciting end to the chapter! Can't wait to read more! :)
thank you. Yes, I think we’ve all met girls like Arabella, haven’t we?

02/16/2007 07:11 pm
Good chapter -- what a cliffhanger! You are a tease.
I am eeeeveeeel.

02/16/2007 07:02 pm
*“Buffy!” Spike sounded hurt and Buffy thought grimly that if he didn’t let go of Arabella’s hand in the next few seconds, she would cheerfully stake both of them* Jealous much?

*...for all she knew they were all wrong and it was a great patch of chocolate chip ice-cream they were gazing at!* LOL.

Loved Anya and Div'vid's buisness plan. Wouldn't it be great if those two got together? Update soon, please.
Glad you’re enjoying the story. Yes, i want to see Anya and Div’vid going into business together!

02/16/2007 06:22 pm
New dimensional pocket, eh? And I'm very glad to see Spike finally trusting Buffy about this. Div'vid and Anya are so funny with all their business talk.

Fool's Gold is properly named Pyrite, in case you really are wondering. :)
Thanks for info. I did know but didn‘t think Spike would! Yes, Anya and Div’vid are so made for each other! Pity he’s in love with Arabella....