Brave New World by JamesMFan
Chapter: An Offer

02/18/2007 10:43 pm make riley actually true to character, not overly evil as would be very tempting i can see his points, and how his offer would be tempting to buffy...but i'm glad she made the choice she did...can't wait to see if the plan the others are coming up with actually works

02/18/2007 04:20 pm
Good for her. I am glad that she is giving HU a chance to make the world a more equal place, but can she really give up slayng? Maybe she could work for the jail and carry out death sentences or something, you know? I hope you update again very soon, I really like this story!

02/18/2007 11:02 am
Interesting. Good for Buffy. She's learning to see shades of grey - even though you had to chuck her through a portal to make that happen.

02/18/2007 09:49 am
silly riley... i wonder what happened to sam?? hmm

02/18/2007 08:23 am
What are the HU doing about the vampires that are still killing? They all aren't safe and Buffy still didn't know that but opening a portal is a good idea. Of course Riley would still be working for an organization that kills demons. Somethings never change, huh. Another great chapter. Liked that the last of the scoobies are together again. Thanks.

02/18/2007 06:23 am
hope we've seen that last of finn, trust even less than xander. good chapter, thank you for the fine read.

02/18/2007 12:07 am
Yes, open the portal and send her through! Maybe, just maybe, she's seen enough for the Shadowmen to think it's made a difference...maybe.

02/17/2007 10:41 pm
Oooh, you've left it a mystery. I was so sure that Finn had carried her off against her will. Sneaky author.

02/17/2007 10:20 pm
Buffy, Buffy, Buffy!!! Still with the vampires = evil in spite of current evidence! Evil doesn't adopt and love children like the one she killed (yet she still called him evil!).

Xander is an ass still. In front of Mya he's even a jerk! He learns nothing!!!!

Great update. Would love those Shamans to get a load of the brave new world.