The Worst Betrayal by TwilightChild
Chapter: Levels of Deceit

01/03/2012 03:32 pm

God, I feel horrible for poor abused Spike and Buffy is just as annoyingly dumb about her feelings as she was in the series - always too damn late realising how lucky she is.

But it adds to the credibility and you have my praise. Eagery reading more in a minute. (Should be working, though).

05/07/2007 09:24 pm
Great chapter

03/04/2007 11:31 pm
Oh, yeesh! The Slayer has her job cut out for her. Wow, what a difference in time span? Oh no! Will Dawn be grown by the time they get out? Etc?

02/20/2007 02:15 pm
Heartrendering. Poor Spike. Inventive use of dimension and well written story. Looking forward to updates.

02/19/2007 08:11 pm
Danaia has a lovely father. good chapter. thank you.

02/19/2007 10:44 am
Just started reading...VERY exciting!

02/19/2007 02:18 am
Brilliant plot twist - knew there was something "off" here, but didn't see this coming at all. And ten years a slave - heartbreaking and very disturbing information. Even if Buffy and Xander can get Spike out of that place in one piece, you've got to wonder if he will ever fully recover. And I'm guessing that Buffy's out for blood now. Hope she finds a way to make Durrak and his sons hurt very badly for a very, very long time. Hope you update soon - can't get enough of this fic.

02/18/2007 10:47 pm
wow....that was intense...and that last bit came as quite a surprise...did you deliberately keep that bit back from me? lol...though I kind of figured Durrak was the one who captured spike, the fact that he's been there for ten whole years!!!! poor thing...excellent work, love

02/18/2007 04:00 pm
Poor Spike!!! No wonder he's zonked.

02/18/2007 02:03 pm
Okay, now things are gonna get sticky. Buffy will have to think--that's always difficult.

02/18/2007 01:33 pm
Oh my God, ten years! Poor Spike.

02/18/2007 12:13 pm
OHMYGOD! So totally cannot wait for your next installment. This is turning out to be such a great story, please update soon!!!

02/18/2007 12:06 pm
I'm feeling an intense need to swear. Unexpected twist. I really think I want your muse after you're done with this fic.

02/18/2007 11:22 am
Ten Years! Ten Years! Dear god.

I don't know what else to say, you've shocked me that bad.

Oh yeah, one more thing. I hope Buffy makes Durrak’s death painful.

02/18/2007 10:10 am
Ten years! OMG, poor Spike. No wonder he's killed that many masters. Hope she kills Durrak and his sons! How is she supposed to stop this and get Spike out of there if everyone knows what's going on? Can't wait to see where you're taking this. Thanks for this great fic.

02/18/2007 09:44 am
I KNEW it was fishy! I just knew there was something not honest about the grand plan to help the innocent slaves......Durrak was too involved, had too much access (and I don't like his boys either). Oddly enough I like the daughter and hope she's a straight shooter. With the title "Levels of deceit" I'm hoping the daughter isn't just laying down another batch of lies.

If Durrak knew Spike's history I presume he knew about his relationship with Buffy. That being the case it's no wonder he didn't want Buffy to stumble on him!

I have a feeling that is soon to be one sorry demon on many levels! That ten years is going to resound in Buffy's head loudly.

Excellent update....hey, it's quality not quantity and this delivers. Anxiously waiting for more.


02/18/2007 08:59 am
Ten Years? And they haven't killed him yet? I guess time runs differently there. Knew the demoness had to be related somehow, but the rest, quite a surprise, but not unexpected if you know what I mean.