The Worst Betrayal by TwilightChild
Chapter: The Right Thing

08/29/2007 05:06 pm
We knew this was coming but still, what a tragic place for both our beloved characters - I feel that at last, Buffy has been held responsible for her actions in that episode. While the series did little to address her responsibility. While we know that she was actually beating herself, and Spike allowed himself to be used for that purpose in DT's - I always felt that the writers never completed the much needed work and conclusion to that storyline. I think you have done something to help resolve her actions and her responsibility - thanks much.

This is such an excellent work - I sincerely hope that you will not leave this story as a WIP for long - Take the time to create your piece to your satisfaction of course, but remember that you also have some very interested readers that are ready and waiting for your updates -

A grateful reader -

05/08/2007 08:44 am
Well done

03/04/2007 11:41 pm
Ah...hence the title!

03/03/2007 09:31 pm
I think this story is amazing.
The idea of Spike being broken like that, snarky smirking Spike, is truly horrible and realistic in how it can get through to Buffy. I also can't wait to see his sort of feral reaction to the girl he loves after what he's been through. Please write more soon!

02/28/2007 07:19 am
Wow, that was an awesome twist. Because of her, now how's she going to be able to take care of Durrak and his son's if she's in this state. If it's been two weeks in her dimension and ten years in this then they will only be gone for a matter of moments in comparison. Excellent turn of events. I have no trouble with Buffy suffering when it comes to Spike. Can't wait for more, thanks.

02/28/2007 04:49 am
love it, thank you. the last line is beautiful. she never before thought there could be consequences to her actions?

02/28/2007 03:57 am
I really like this story even though it is SO heartbreaking. I hope you are able to make the story turn out Spuffy. I hope there is enough Spike left to still love Buffy, even after all she has done.

02/28/2007 03:52 am
I never saw that coming at all. Wow! What a heart-breaking, absolutely horrifying revelation. Yes, Buffy deserves to feel guilty, but I still feel sorry for her. She always tended to take Spike for granted, seemed to think he could take any amount of punishment and come out of it okay. You know she never intended this to happen to him. Can't wait to see where you're going with this. Update soon - uh, please?

02/28/2007 01:48 am
Wow! Definitely an unexpected. twist. Great story!

02/28/2007 01:03 am
Of course its all about HER. Damn stupid Buffy got what she deserved, Spike didn't. Do have to wonder whether or not he's got the soul though.

02/28/2007 12:57 am
Wow. Tough, tough chapter. Thanks for having Xander refrain from taking it upon himself to dust Spike. Granted, it would kind of stop the story -- but it would have been a plausible course of action. And as for tying this into the alley way -- kind of thought that might be coming and you still brought it home with a wallop. Well done.

02/28/2007 12:37 am
*Sob* I lost it when you told us that they tore his mind apart. I'm no-fooling sobbing buckets; good job.

If Buffy doesn't find a way to atone, do I have permission to beat the livin' tar out of her? Please...?
Well, I suppose that's reasonable. She can occasionally use a good beating.

02/28/2007 12:04 am
I knew it was because of the alley. I'm glad she found out, it may have been hard for her to hear but she needed know, now she can learn from her mistake.

Great chapter, very emotional.

02/27/2007 09:21 pm
absolutely incredible chapter, so very intense and never dawned on me until i read this chapter that her actions could have led to his being there...excellent work, very much looking forward to more

02/27/2007 08:56 pm
Oh yeah! I have thought of a million things that Buffy leaving him in that alley exposed Spike to! This fits perfectly...perfectly.

Time for Buffy to deal with th situation and wallow in guilt later as she tries to heal the mess she's made of Spike. This should humble her a great deal. Xander better be careful of his opinions about what to do with Spike at this point.

Interested in how Buffy tipping her hand will play out and how the daughter's involvement will alter the mission.

Anxiously waiting new updates on this one....I get excited when I am notified. Excellent.


02/27/2007 08:24 pm

02/27/2007 08:21 pm
Pile on the guilt!

02/27/2007 08:06 pm
What a wonderful, haunting chapter! I especially like the line "it felt as if she was screaming for the vampire who could no longer do it himself." Beautiful!

And in a way, I understand Xander's feelings on "putting him down." I've worked in animal rescue and sometimes, with the horribly wounded and traumatized ones, it is kinder to euthanize them than leave them to suffer. I don't think it's the right decision in Spike's case, but I believe Xander spoke out of compassion, which is very touching.

As always, I hope for an update very soon!

02/27/2007 08:05 pm
Your stories are so beautifully written. Full of twists and turns, great plot and ohmygod! waiting for the next chapter is about as agonizing as waiting for the next season opener after being left hanging in suspense all summer!!! at least i only have to wait a week or so! can't WAIT (but i'll have to) for the next chappie! LOL

02/27/2007 08:02 pm
I suspected just as much. So now that Durrack knows that Buffy knows, what will he do?

02/27/2007 07:55 pm
Awesomeness! More please

02/27/2007 07:49 pm
Too little too late.