The Worst Betrayal by TwilightChild
Chapter: Guilty

05/08/2007 08:50 am
Great chapter

03/08/2007 07:29 am
should have taken anyone but xander; hope Danaia is for real. very good update, thank you.

03/08/2007 03:51 am
This makes me very curious about this demon. Hmmm.

03/06/2007 07:27 pm
Nope Xander knows he's not going to like what she's got to say. Glad that Danaia's not trying to harm him and that she's helping. Just want for Buffy to get back there. See if he recognizes her. Thanks for the update, Looking forward to more.

03/06/2007 01:14 am
Not at all what I expected from Dania - begs the question will Spike look to her for aide and comfort - cause he never really got those from Buffy.

03/06/2007 12:25 am
p.s. (Sorry, but I can't help but keep raving):

“I’m going to take away the pain,” she told him.

His eyes widened a bit, and he swallowed, nodding desperately.

“I cannot kill you,” she clarified.

What a subtle way to remind us that Spike at this moment sees death as pure relief. The last scene was so very affecting. And since I haven't reviewed on earlier chapters -- this fic has been strewn with quiet and moving details like these. The one that really sticks in my mind is the moment when Buffy found that picture of Spike and the gang on Thanksgiving. Such bittersweetness.

So, again, thanks! (I'll shut up now).
By all means, no need to shut up. Hehehe. So glad you enjoy it.

03/06/2007 12:13 am
Another great chapter. This fic is totally absorbing. So many questions: What's left of Spike? Can he come back? Have we seen the worst betrayal yet, or is there yet more to come? etc. etc.

You have given Buffy an exquisite, if excessive punishment. What she did in the alley was terrible -- but she could not have intended or imagined an outcome this horrifying. I love it when an author can make me feel like Buffy has gotten her just deserts AND make me feel sorry for her at the same time. You've done this to perfection. (Indeed, if you wanted to write one of those short, dark, dark, dark gems Spike would be irretrievably lost (and after 10 years of torture, presumably often being led to believe that Buffy is doing the torturing it's hard to know how he could really be found) -- and Buffy would have to live with the sort of guilt that would be very difficult to bear. Of course, equally fascinating if we go the longer road to some sort of healing and happy outcome. What I love about this fic is I really don't know which way you will go.

So, please keep the updates coming. I'm on tenter hooks!

03/05/2007 10:01 pm
awww, poor spikey can't wait til they can get him out of there...great chapter, love, looking forward to more

03/05/2007 09:28 pm
Can't help liking Danaia. At least I believe she cares about her sister (unlike the father's lack of care for his offspring). Stupid Xander! What he didn't think others had keys???? Buffy needs to stop her "poor me's" and start concentrating on Spike's needs for a change.

I really look forward to this story's updates. No disappointment either.


03/05/2007 09:21 pm

Oh excellent chapter. Poor Spike, but it's nice to see that he has a way to communicate that he feels comfortable with.

03/05/2007 08:26 pm
Excellent chapter; still so tragic.