The Worst Betrayal by TwilightChild
Chapter: Need

05/08/2007 08:56 am
Well done

03/09/2007 03:35 am
Almost to much to think about, the tortures that he and the others have endured. What will he be like when he awakes? She does need Willow! To hell with what she went through. They'll be there for her when this is all over, she's needed now! Getting them out comes first, then they can deal with what comes next for Spike and the other ensouled vamps. Such an emotional charged story, love this, great job TC.

03/08/2007 07:36 am
tells us how bad buffy is really feeling. very good read, thank you.

03/08/2007 03:25 am
Another fantastic chapter. Love this Buffy who is willing to acknowledge her guilt and openly show this kind of tenderness and concern for Spike - even if is late in coming. Best of all, I love her show of resolve. I get the feeling that Willow better not have any idea about refusing to do magic now. Can't wait for the next update.

03/08/2007 01:48 am

03/07/2007 11:44 pm
Definitely liking that Buffy is feeling guilty and that she's not goingto coddle herfriends and let Spike suffer because of it.

03/07/2007 11:43 pm
Yes, they need Willow. Willow needs to use that magic for good and I can think of no greater good at the moment (surely more of a good cause than sharing Slayer power for no purpose than to hold back the Turok Han for a brief while!).

This is so heartbreaking. Poor Spike. It is only fair that Buffy really think about what he has gone through. Xander should as well.

Glad Danaia is appearing to be a straight shooter.

Excellent update to a compelling story.


03/07/2007 10:56 pm
Time to get tough, Buffy. She's got a lot to make amends for.

03/07/2007 10:01 pm
I'm always so happy to see an update for this story.

Great chapter. very sneaky of Danaia to be outside the door when they came back.

Looking forward to seeing Willow's reaction to Spike.

Great chapter!

Tristan Charron
03/07/2007 09:55 pm
love this-- it's so haunting and the weight of Buffy's overwheming guilt is beautifully expressed. I can't wait to see what Willow's going to do...and my heart breaks for Spike!

03/07/2007 08:49 pm
For some reason my review got cut off. So here's what I think I finished with saying:

I loved the observation that it was Spike calling Buffy 'his girl' which triggered the brutal flurry of fists in the alley way. It would have been so easy for Buffy to tell herself that she beat him because he tried to stop her from doing the 'right' thing. Indeed, your Buffy is remarkably honest with herself. I love seeing her that way -- and it's a plausible reaction to the magnitude of what has happened to Spike

So, thank you, thank you, thank you!

p.s. I'm also very much enjoying 'Mementos'.

03/07/2007 08:47 pm
Another great chapter. And I'm so,so, so, grateful for the speedy update.

==>Why has he been tortured, torn apart and nearly murdered? Why has he been in hell beyond hell for ten years? Because he dared to call you ‘his girl’?’

03/07/2007 08:38 pm
poor spike hope they can get him out of there okay...but how are they going to get willow there? great update, love