Possession by icemink
Chapter: The Mall

04/17/2007 03:45 pm
How funny is it that Buffy got along better with Harmony than with Willow and Riley. Makes sense since Harmony seems in her own world while Willow and Riley make Buffy feel like she's lunch. I'm thinking it might not have been so smart of Buffy to admit her crush to Harmony since she went back and told Darla. And Darla does not seem thrilled by the idea that Spike might reciprocate those feelings since apparently she sees Buffy as disposable.
I'm glad you liked the Buffy/Harmony friendship. Although Harmony did sort of betray Buffy. Darla could cause trouble for Buffy and Spike later one, but since I see you've read the next couple chapters, you know that she's going to have some distractions of her own.

03/25/2007 07:42 pm
but...but...it's a cute obsession! aww they are sooo adorable!! UPDATE!!!!!!...please? I'll give u a puppy!
Oh how I wish I could own a puppy right now. But I did update. I hope you enjoy.

03/23/2007 04:37 pm
Yay! An Update. Excellent chap. Loved it. It's soo cute to see Buffy crushing on Spike. Kinda a nice change from canon. Are we going to get a peek inside Spike's head? Buffy likes him, Darla's convinced he's obsessing, but the last I remember is that he was planning to kill her...eventually. Can't wait for more.
Thanks so much. And yes, having Buffy be the smitten one is fun. As for getting a peek insdie Spike's head, yes there will be one soon. In fact probably the next chapter.

03/22/2007 06:24 pm
Oh yes, UST! Great update. Look forward to this one. Love Harmony in this and hit with the realization that she would have been perfect with Riley! Considering his habits on the show her being a vampire would only make it even more a perfect match.

Glad you liked it.

Hmm, I hadn't actually thought about Harmony and Riley, but you're right, there could be something there. Of course curretnly Riley is Darla's boy toy, but then who knows what he gets up to when Darla is playing with Willow instead.

03/22/2007 07:33 am
Who knew Harmony's nattering could actually be useful? Wow, Darla can be intelligent if she tries.
I think Darla was always smart, after all she was the only vampire who ever thought to go after Buffy with a gun, which isn't a bad idea if you think about it. She just underestimated Angel in that situation. As for Harmony, I just think she needed to be in the right place at the right time, which she usually isn't. But after all she was a pretty good friend to Cordellia, when she wasn't trying to be 'evil'.

03/22/2007 05:47 am
Can't wait for Spike to see Buffy in some of her new things. Still having a hard time thinking of Willow as a vampire. Thanks for the update IM, eagerly awaiting your next chapter.
Thank you. I'll try and get the next one out soon.

03/22/2007 05:23 am
oh this could get complicated, all the varying motives and all...very interesting chapter, and i actually like your version of harmony, love... great job
Thanks. I think Harmony can be a lot of fun, and you're right pretty much everyone in this Order of Aurelius has the own goals so not everything is going to go smooth.

03/22/2007 03:46 am
Buffy and Harmony getting along is hilarious!
Thanks. I figured becasue of their pasts in this verse, Buffy would have far more in common with Harmony than with Willow.

03/22/2007 02:39 am
fun read, thank you. darla is not missing anything with harmony around.
Glad you enjoyed it. It was a fun chapter.

03/22/2007 01:47 am
Wow, you made Harmony really likeable. Well, she could be likeable at times, anyway, when she wasn't whining. I'm glad she was so helpful to Buffy.

Buffy needs to figure out that she can be in the regular world, on her terms, and that there's no need to be insecure or fake, really.
Glad you liked Harmony. You're right she can be a bit of a whiner, but at least she had nothing to whine about while shopping. And you're right, finding her place in the world is exactly what Buffy needs to do.

03/22/2007 01:45 am
just raed the story it is really good please update soon i wanna know what comes up next please hurry!!
Thank you so much. I'm glad you're enjoying it. I'll try to get the next update out soon.

03/22/2007 01:43 am
please update soon maybe u can add 2 or 3 chapters at a time?? i know it is too much to ask for it but i really cannot wait to read what happens next!!!
I'm so glad you're enjoying it. I wish I could update quicker, but if I tried to do 2 or 3 chapters at a time it would take me even longer to update, cause it would take me longer to get everything written. I'll try to have the next update soon though.

03/22/2007 01:40 am
just read the whole story it is fantastic i cannot wait to read more please update soon!!!!
Thanks glad you like it. Hopefully I'll have another update soon.

03/22/2007 01:40 am
Ew, Harmony, and yum at Buffy in lingerie strutting about for Spike... can't wait to see if she actually wears it for him and what his reaction will be, heehee
I don't think this Buffy's quite confident enough to strut, but that doesn't mean she might not try dressing up a bit. And I think we can guess what Spike's reaction would be.

03/22/2007 12:20 am
great chapter! I actually really liked Harmony - an amazing accomplishment! Like the way you portray Buffy; look forward to seeing how the Spuffiness evolves. Thanks!
Thanks so much. I always love hearing I made someone like a character that they don't normally like. I love them all (well excpet for Riley).