Not the Way We Were by slaymesoftly
Chapter: one-shot

02/19/2012 03:23 am
aw it's nice to see nonbitch buffy

03/26/2008 11:23 pm

Loved the Buffy you had there. And the line “Don’t push it,”.
Loved it all
Thanks! I'm glad.

03/28/2007 12:36 am
would have made better viewing and more sense. good read, thank you.

03/27/2007 01:29 am
Definitely a much better version. One of those 'if only' situations. Very much enjoyed, ty
Thanks, sweetie.

03/26/2007 03:01 pm
yep, this is how is should have gone. tks
Thanks for reading.

03/26/2007 02:50 pm
I like this ending soooo much better. I also prefer non-depresso, guilt-ridden Buffy.
Thank you - glad you liked it.

03/26/2007 07:28 am
Nicely done!

03/26/2007 06:22 am

thats was great! I always hated that episode, I could never figure out what exactly their purpose with it was. Yea so Riley found out but they didn't explain anything else,, who this all important Doctor was.. why Spike had the eggs,, NOTHING just HERE YOU GO... It makes no sense but here it is!

thank you!
Thanks. Glad you liked my version.

03/26/2007 04:12 am
Ah, what could have been...
Yeah. We wish, huh? Thanks for reading.

03/26/2007 03:47 am
Much, much, much better version! Awesome way to end it as well

03/26/2007 01:11 am
I really liked this. It was MUCH better than the real episode! Stupid Riley.

03/26/2007 12:52 am
I much prefer your version!
Thanks. *g*

03/25/2007 11:44 pm
Delicious story. Spot-on characterisations and has the crypt ever sounded more enticing? I do love a good Riley smackdown.
Thanks. Riley smacking seems to be a popular theme.

03/25/2007 10:53 pm
Lovely redo. Wish Buffy would have snapped to that slip of Riley's about a real stake.....miserable git deserved to have some payback for that!

True - I had to mention it. Maybe it will occur to her later to ask Spike what Riley meant by "real stake this time". Thanks for reading, hon.

03/25/2007 10:48 pm
Oh very nice.

03/25/2007 10:02 pm
Great chapter. Was good that Buffy told Riley to leave, and that she was seeing Spike.

03/25/2007 09:50 pm
lol...that was so satisfying, so glad to see her tell riley off and send him packing instead of ganging up on spike with him...great writing, very funny and true to the characters, excellent work, love
Thank you. Yeah, my Buffy is usually a bit less interested in pleasing all the "normal" people than is Joss's, so she makes better decisions.

03/25/2007 09:29 pm
Nothing like a good rattling to shake Buffy up enough to show her the real priortities. Deftly handled for sure.

03/25/2007 09:00 pm
Yeah, Buffy! Great little fic

03/25/2007 08:30 pm
S- It is always such a pleasure to read your stories, The characters voices are so authentic to the "verse" and even tho this was a do-over, very rich with visual and sensory imagery.
The warmth and smell of the flickering candles, Spikes always powerful emotions... but finally Buffy comes thru, very satisfying. Write on, Write on!
Thank. This is a lovely and encouraging review. Thanks for reading.

03/25/2007 08:24 pm
Yay, I love this version way better. Thanks for the read. ^_^
Thanks for the comments.

03/25/2007 08:10 pm
Oooh, I liked this ending much, much better. Thank you for posting this!
Thanks for reading.

03/25/2007 07:29 pm
yea!! i loved it. this is completely the way the episode should have gone!!

03/25/2007 07:11 pm
Nice story. They couldn't be any blinder than Riley. Wish you'd let Buffy put her fasionable but reasonably priced boot up his behind.
LOL - well, at least she threatened to. Thanks for reading.