Brave New World by JamesMFan
Chapter: A Rude Awakening

04/11/2007 12:28 am
Well that'll give Buffy's mind some focus!

04/09/2007 02:38 pm
Ummm..... it seems your overlooking something obvious.

Willow is like a goddess now right? The world knows of the good the Scoobies did so wouldn't their opinions sway the public?

Also this may seem so easy you just rejected it because you wanted to make the story more dramatic but they can manipulate space and time to open up a portal to another dimension but they don't have truth spells? They don't have mind readers that could find out the truth from Buffy's mind? No advanced lie detecter test?

It just seems you avoided any of the simpler means to prove her innocence and decided to make things more complicated then they have to be.

04/04/2007 10:16 pm
very good read, thank you. very confused buffy and frustrated spike.

04/04/2007 12:23 pm
He's comforted her in the past, why not now? Nice they're all together. Once again Buffy's got to be a bitch. Guess it's closer now, maybe she start to get some perspective on her future or lack of it soon. Thanks for the update and wonderful read.

04/03/2007 06:31 pm
oh man...this could be bad...very interesting chapter though, i loved his reaction when she reached for his write the emotions so very well, so real and believable, you can so relate with the characters the way you've written them, excellent work, love

04/03/2007 04:06 am
Glad you're back with this story. I really missed it.

04/03/2007 01:27 am
Now I'm worried....Thanks for the update!

04/03/2007 01:24 am
Poor Bufy, I feel so incredibly sorry for her.

I'm trying desperately not to try & slap Spike upside the head. I find it very difficult to like him in the stories where Buffy comes back from the dead.

But otherwise, great chapter!

04/03/2007 01:17 am
Great Chapter! But then they have all been great chapters!!! SO glad your back and thank you for the update!

04/03/2007 01:09 am
Right now I'd say push Buffy back in the bloody portal until she has sense enough to look around and see reality! LOL

I've missed this story and glad for the update (excellent at that) but understand RL....having that problem myself at the mo.


04/02/2007 11:08 pm
That's Buffy's problem, right there - she causes way more pain for herself than necessary because she won't deal, and won't share. Thing is, she *could* try. *Could* learn...and it would help. But, instead, she has to be a stubborn idiot.

Poor Spike.....his life has gotten really complicated.