Brave New World by JamesMFan
Chapter: The Crazy 88

05/23/2010 02:13 am

08/04/2007 10:58 pm
wow, awesome action sequences! i could really see the fight in my mind's eye, great job!

04/10/2007 06:16 pm
I liked this chapter very much! I hope you update again very soon!!

04/10/2007 11:41 am
*claps* Goody for Spike, that little brat needed it, he's a Travers all right. Did Spike train with the new slayers after Buffy left? They did listen to him and being slayers they normally would want to dust him not listen to him. Now what does this mean for Buffy? Thanks for the update, excellent work.

04/10/2007 05:01 am
Exposition again?!, quite.

04/10/2007 04:43 am
very good update, thank you. just love that twenty or so slayers did not even attempt to go to cain's aid.

04/10/2007 03:31 am
Ah - was worried for Buffy for a minute there - although, I did figure out who/what they were before she did, so go me!

Are things looking up a bit now,then? *crosses fingers*

04/09/2007 08:51 pm
Excellent writing. Love this story!

04/09/2007 07:05 pm
Love Spike in action here! Enough indeed! The Travers sniveling gene survived I see LOL.

Plucky Buffy though to have a bring it on attitude in spite of it all.


04/09/2007 05:47 pm
Are there any 'I love Cain despite the fact he's an annoying kid' T-shirts? 'cos I want one!

Great chapter

04/09/2007 03:36 pm
lol....somehow i dont believe the boy...i don't know, maybe he would have stopped them, but it might have made things a bit easier from his perspective if the "original" slayer just happened to be accidentally killed...
great chapter, great fight sequences, and so glad that spike saved her, because i'm not sure she could have handled that...looking forward to more, love

04/09/2007 03:15 pm
I loved this chapter! Seems the counsel hasnt' changed any but what do ALL these girls do now I wonder?

Great update thank you!~