The Worst Betrayal by TwilightChild
Chapter: Risk It

05/08/2007 09:31 am
Great chapter

04/27/2007 03:51 am
excellent read, thank you. red actually think it through before doing. seems as if buffy has an idea.

04/16/2007 10:37 pm
Wow you're an amazing writer and im hooked! Please update soon!

04/13/2007 07:57 pm
Hope Danaia doesn't know that. Release the vamps and destroy the dimension? That would be great, never allow them to do that again. Poor Spike he needs Buffy's blood, don't know if he even has fangs at this point. Thank you for the update, missed it.

04/13/2007 12:53 pm
Wouldn't be the first dimension she's brought to a halt. And Yay! Willow for actually looking before she leaps for a change.

04/13/2007 03:26 am
Sounds like a good idea to me. The slaves would certainly be better off as dust.

04/12/2007 09:55 pm
When fallen_angel told me this fic was amzing I didn't expect it to be so amazing! If I wasn't already hooked to spuffy fanfic I'd be now. I can't get enough of it.

Welcome, and enjoy

04/12/2007 07:06 pm
I just started reading this story, because I was very bored, and there weren't any new updates that I found interesting. I must say although I found the summary completely not interesting, the story itself is brilliant! I enjoyed it and can't wait to read more... It is a great story!
Glad you've begun to enjoy it

04/12/2007 11:39 am
Go Willow! Oh yes, here is a great reason for her to use that power of hers. Kind of a shame she hasn't been moved to pity for Spike at least if not all the souled vampires suffering (or she seems to not have been...more worried about Tara being upset with her!).

Speaking of that...Tara would have been all over any spell to help these beings and Willow must not know her lover very well to not realize that!

Yes! Bring it ALL down on top of the owners and users.

Tender moment with Spike and Buffy (sad about his guilty reaction when Willow came in....maybe he has a glimmer of memory about being the dirty secret).

*G* More please
Very glad you've enjoyed. Don't worry, more to come

04/12/2007 09:20 am

04/12/2007 02:54 am
Great job with the unstable dimension and magics -- such an exciting chapter. The Scooby interactions were nice and edgy and I love decisive Buffy speaking her mind.
Very glad you liked it, thanks for reviewing.

04/12/2007 01:35 am
Buffy's right about Willow's use of magic. Tara didn't leave because Willow used magic , it was the way she used it that made her ask Willow to promise not to use magic for a week . She left because Willow broke the promise and again messed with her mind.

If they collapse the dimension , they'd have to transport all the slaves to safety at the same time.
Tricky situation, isn't it? Thanks for reviewing.

04/12/2007 01:19 am
Oooo an update! yay! DoS pointed this gem out to me a lil while ago, so ive been catching up. Im totally glued to it hun! its beautifully written and soooo amazingly, heartbreakingly sad. Poor spike i hope he can start to believe that buffys really there soon
more soon yeah?!?! hee!

Very glad DoS pointed you this way. Welcome to the madness!

dark amia
04/12/2007 12:55 am
Yay, so glad to see more of this. I love this fic so much.

I can understand why she wants the dimension destroyed, I just hope they are able to save some of the vamps.
So glad you like it, thanks as always for reviewing.

04/12/2007 12:52 am
I'm still loving this story. Here I was most intrigued by Buffy's notion that she could barter forgiveness. Strange notion of forgiveness, and particularly interesting here. I can see why Buffy doesn't mention that a big part of her urgency is that *she* feels guilty for Spike's predicament, but that subtext makes the exchange between Willow and Buffy all the more powerful. Looking forward to more!!
Always glad to see you're enjoying, more to come soon.

04/12/2007 12:45 am
Still a great story. I like the way this is moving forward and Buffy's drive to get the situation resolved. She is really changing in her views toward demons. Looking forward to more.
Very glad you like it ^_^ More on the way.

04/12/2007 12:35 am
good chapter, love, very much enjoyed it...the drama keeps building...looking forward to seeing what happens next
Very glad you enjoy ^_^ Ty much for the beta work.