Possession by icemink
Chapter: Plan B

04/29/2007 06:21 am
*shakes finger at you* Don't you dare my Angelus and Darla likeable! *pouts*
Hehe. You've discovered my secret mission, to spread the Angelus Darla love.

04/29/2007 05:52 am
oh i hope they get there before the initiative manages to do anything to spike great chapter, love, i'm glad spike's family is concerned for him...can't wait to see more
Thanks. Glad you like his family coming to his rescue.

04/29/2007 01:28 am
Hee hee hee....it's so funny seeing Buffy like this with the Aurelius gang...great stuff. And she's having to grow up right now. I hope they're in time! Those Initiative types can be damn fast about their damage.
Thanks, glad you are enjoying it. And yeah, Buffy's finally starting to grow up and take responsibility for things.

04/29/2007 01:16 am
Wow Buffy actually listening to Spike -- I like it. And it's a big step for Buffy to ally herself with the vampires. Neat chapter.
Thanks. And this Buffy's been living around demons for a few years, so it's not the kind of big step it would be for the Buffy on the show.

04/28/2007 10:20 pm
woo. Go Buffy with remembering to get backup. Though it's interesting to see Spike's family actually rallying around to help him for once.
Glad you're enjoying it. And I think that Spike's family must have taken care of him when he was a fledge, otherwise how would he have survived? I always assumed that in the mine scene in FFL, Angelus had just pulled Spike out of a fight he probably wasn't going to win. After all that was right after Spike was turned, so how many fights could he have ever been in? Probably not many, and a mob can be tough even for a vampire to fight.

04/28/2007 09:23 pm
Oh, the irony!
Hehe, thanks. It is ironic, I think that's why Angelus admited to liking Spike's plan in the previous chapter.

04/28/2007 09:21 pm
love buffy's attitude. excellent read, thank you.
Thans. It is a lot of fun, so I'm glad you're enjoying it.

04/28/2007 09:19 pm
GO Buffy! What an interesting turn in this universe....Buffy seeing the evil that is the Initiative because she doesn't have that inborn prejudice of human = good, demon = bad. Even not liking Angelus, Darla and Willow she can see the differences and the morality for that matter. Excellent.

Thank you. And yeah, Buffy's perspective on morality in this reality is a lot of fun. I'm glad your enjoying this twist of events.

04/28/2007 08:15 pm
How odd, to see her on the other side. Strangely satisfying, too. Loving this story, many wonderful twists and turns.
Thank you so much. I think it's a lot of fun to write a Buffy who isn't so sure of right and wrong. Actually this has gotten me wondering what Buffy on the show would have done if it hadn't been for Adam. Obviously he needed to be stopped, but how long would she have let the Initiative gone on?

04/28/2007 06:55 pm
Just love that last part....and never harm another vampire again.....can you imagine something like that coming out of Buffy's mouth on the show? Just cracks me up.
Thanks, I'm glad you found that funny. I've really loved writing a Buffy who identifies with demons and sees them as people too. Of course Sunnydale never did seem to get the nice ordinary demons that lived in LA.

dark amia
04/28/2007 06:26 pm
"I'm not letting those bastards torture Spike. That's my job."

- lol. That is so Angelus.

Great chapter. lets hope they save Spike before they chip him.
Thanks. Yes, Angelus is very territorial, and I'm a secret Spangle shipper so I couldn't have Angelus stand by and let someone else hurt his boy.