The Fire Within by Eowyn315
Chapter: Planning

08/09/2007 03:06 am
"That...wasn't the spell. I just like the...gang violence." Rofl! I just have to say, I love your characterizations, especially Anya in this chapter. She's hard to write, but you write her so well!
Thank you, I'm glad you think so!

06/16/2007 06:00 am
That's one musical I haven't seen and would love to. Would have loved to see Spike doing a number from West Side Story, it's definately one for him! I doubt Willow will keep her spells to herself. Great rewrite, thanks.
Which one, Wicked? I haven't seen it either, but I love the soundtrack. And yeah... West Side Story seems like a very "Spike" musical - besides the fighting and bloodshed, it's based on Shakespeare, which must appeal to his poet's heart.

05/04/2007 01:29 pm
Oh sure Spike, you're all with the manly, in-your-face rebeliousness. That's the Dead Kennedy's and the Stiff Little Fingers you're playing in your crypt, not cheesy musicals! Sure, I believe you!

Very nice character bit there! I can easily see Spike watching West Side Story. You're right, he'd totally pretend it was for all the manly violence when he's caught out!
Especially since it's basically Romeo and Juliet (and you can't tell me Spike's not a Shakespeare fan) - I can see the appeal. Plus, the gange violence *is* kinda cool...

05/04/2007 03:42 am
Poor Anya...I hope things work out a little better for her this time around.

LOL...Spike was fabulous... very cute..I mean funny, and sexy and manly (*wispers* CUTE!!).
Haha... it's okay to admit Spike is cute (I promise I won't tell him). Thanks for the review!

05/03/2007 05:49 pm
LOL I can just see Spike in West Side Story mode *G*...AND the group's reaction to it. tee hee.

Great update. Like the idea of bringing Sweet back in the mix for some questioning.

Spike's a closet musical fan. At least it's not Barry Manilow, lol.

05/03/2007 04:14 pm
Somehow, I don't thing this plan is such a good idea...
Especially since the king of the botched planning likes it.
And what's up with Xander?
Still enjoying this!
Well, if the plans always went off properly, we'd have no plot!

05/03/2007 02:58 pm
that song is perfect for the xander/anya relationship at that time...and spike's random line from west side hilarious!!! his excuse for it was even funnier!! great job with this chapter, as with the rest of this awesome fic, love
Thank you! I could just picture Spike almost saying he liked it for the love story or something, and then quickly stopping himself and finding a more manly reason, lol. Thanks for the review, DoS!

05/03/2007 02:11 pm
Oh I love it.

05/03/2007 09:03 am
Poor Anya.... spells for Willow!
Heh... good luck keeping her away from the magic, though.

05/03/2007 08:04 am
Great chapter.
I can't help feeling sorry for Anya, cause it doesn't seem like Xander want to be married.
Thanks! I think they both seemed to have a touch of cold feet in "I'll Never Tell" but we'll have to wait and see what kind of issues Xander is dealing with.