The Fire Within by Eowyn315
Chapter: Always Be There

08/09/2007 05:04 am
This chapter made me cry. I wasn't expecting Buffy to feel bad that she couldn't say she loved him. Thank you for letting me like Buffy for a little while again.
You know, I've always felt more sympathetic toward Buffy than most... I enjoy making her likable. Hopefully, you'll like her longer than a little while!

07/05/2007 11:40 pm
Oh wow. This just keeps getting better & better. Very tender, sweet chapter - showing us all of Spike's heart & vulnerability. Amazing job.
Thanks for the lovely review!

06/16/2007 06:20 am
This was heartbreaking for me. Knowing how much he loves her and will be there for her no matter what and knowing that she can't let herself love him, at least not yet. Very approprate when Spike called Tara "the good witch." It suites the situation to a tee. Well done, this it becoming a wonderful musical.
Yeah, that's Spike... stalwart despite what little she gives him. Thanks for the review!

05/12/2007 06:52 pm
Really, really lovely...romantic (at least on Spike's part ) and VERY sexy. Great update!
Spike is such a romantic. Thanks for the review! I'm glad you liked it.

05/12/2007 03:36 pm
oh i dont think telling the scoobies about the chip is a good idea...they'll want to stake him!!! great song choice, great chapter, loved their dialogue, very true to the characters with very genuine emotion...great job
Yeah, staking is a definite possibility - but Buffy would never keep something like that from her friends (unless, of course, it meant confessing her secrets, lol). Glad you enjoyed the chapter!

05/11/2007 09:32 pm
Buffy really needs to get herself sorted out! I theink that the honesty in their singing is helping her do that, though. You -might- have thought that you were just doing the singing bit to see what would happen if they'd never stopped, but I think you've found something powerful here. Buffy avoided the truth for so long, but the singing thing doesn't let her do that. Even when she isn't breaking out into random song, she seems to be learning to be honest with herelf, at least.
Haven't they figured out that they only sing the truth? If one of them is hiding soething, I'd think they'd stay away from the others as much as possible.
What's going on in the rest of Sunnydale? Is everyone still singing all over town and bursting into flame?
Thanks! I think the truth aspect helps move things along - a lot of it is similar to the show - Buffy and Spike getting it on, Willow and Tara breaking up, Xander and Anya's marital implosion. But thanks to the truthiness, it's all accelerated (and some things end up slightly different).

I think Buffy is definitely facing some truths because of all of this, which means eventually she's gonna have to confront her feelings about Spike.

05/11/2007 02:42 pm
Oh dear, I am hurting for both of them!

Wonderful chapter, sweetie!
Thanks! I'm glad you're so into it.

05/11/2007 11:43 am
So she wants him but doesn't want him.
MOre please.
Isn't that always the way? Thanks for the review.

05/11/2007 10:52 am
This could be really bad....get all wooden objects out of Xander's reach for certain.

Nice chapter and nice view into Spike's mind.

Yeah, Xander probably won't be too happy about the chip not working... even without the knowledge of Buffy boinking Spike. Thanks for the review!

05/11/2007 10:11 am
Silly Buffy....

And Spike, you're too loyal for your own good.
He is loyal... but it's good for Buffy.

05/11/2007 09:00 am
Great chapter. I liked how Buffy wasn't a total bitch.
Hee, thanks! I like it when she's not a bitch, too.