Possession by icemink
Chapter: The Initiative

05/21/2007 10:29 pm
so far, so good. hope it is as easy as they planned. hope after a month xander is chipped, be fun to see how he likes it. very good read, thank you.
Thanks, glad you liked it. And yes, the rescue went off pretty much as planned.

05/19/2007 04:21 pm
Always like the pairing of Vamp Willow and Vamp Xander! Good to see Buffy using her head since she is smarter than she thinks she is.
Thanks. Glad to see you enjoyed the vamp version of the Scoobies, I think they're a lot of fun too. And yes, Buffy is more capable than she's aware, she just needed the right motivation.

05/18/2007 04:05 am
O. I hope Xander is chipped so he can see what fun it is. Wonder has he spent his entire vampire existence in the iniative, and if so, were they the reason he got vamped in the first place? Just suspicious I guess. Great twist.
Xander was only there for maybe the last month or so, but figure he's been a vampire for a couple years.

05/18/2007 12:18 am
wow buffy *did* come up with a good plan great chapter, so sweet how glad spike was to see her....excellent chapter, very much looking forward to more
Thank you. Buffy has some good planning in her from time to time. And I think Spike would have been glad to see anyone, but the fact that it was Buffy made his rescue even better.

05/17/2007 06:24 pm
great chapter
Thanks so much.

05/17/2007 04:57 pm
I really am enjoying this story and love to see updates! This one was good. Xan and Willow vamped is interesting. The hellmouth went to hell without Buffy!
Thanks, glad you liked it. And yeah, Sunnydale hasn't faired so well these last few years.

05/17/2007 01:44 pm
Awesome! An update! I love this story! [br]I was hoping for a bit more carnage though during the escape route...especially if you're going to involve that Walsh hooker . But eh...I guess you can't win 'em all huh?[/br] I hope you can update soon!!!
Sorry there wasn't more carnage described, I assure you it happened though, if that makes you feel any better. And thanks. There's another update up now.

05/17/2007 10:56 am

Xander's a prick.

05/17/2007 10:29 am
Cool action from Buffy to the rescue! I wonder who sired Xander.
Thanks. I always figured it was Willow. The Master turned her, and she still had her crush on Xander at that point, so to prove to him that she was worth noticing she sired him.

05/17/2007 09:01 am
Awww, they saved Spike.... why'd they have to save Xander tho? ew lol