The Fire Within by Eowyn315
Chapter: Unexpected Consequences

08/09/2007 05:17 am
Wow, two twists in one chapter. I guess I just assumed Spike knew the chip didn't work on Buffy, not that he assumed it didn't work at all. Schpedoinkle! Personally, I kinda wish Sweet had taken Willow.
Nope, he figured it didn't work at all... even though he said, "Maybe you came back wrong," he was just being an ass. He didn't really have a reason to suspect it was just her. And schpedoinkle is an awesome word.

07/05/2007 11:51 pm
Ooooo! Very nice twist! I can totally see how this might have happened on the show. Very in-character writing. I can see why you've won so many awards
Heh, thanks... but I haven't actually won anything yet, just been nominated.

06/16/2007 06:42 am
You don't need a big song and dance number in every scene. Poor Buffy, now only does she have to deal with her problem, but Willow allowed Tara to be captured as well. Glad Giles is being hard on Willow, she needed it then and needs it now. Wonderful chapter.
Yeah, Willow caused quite the disaster, didn't she? But she'll be pretty determined to fix it, with Tara's life at stake.

05/24/2007 04:40 am
good! Willow just HAS to interfere. Maybe she might learn her lesson now? Doubtful, but...
I liked the Xander thwap.
And the singing continues... yay!
Heh, never miss an opportunity to hit Xander. But, of course, it means no good for Buffy, since he just proved she came back wrong...

05/23/2007 04:32 am
stupid willow can't believe she did that....well, actually i can, but...*sigh* ...great chapter, love, and very much eager to see what happens next!!! this story is really incredible
Thank you so much! Willow's got a hard lesson to learn - but this might just do it.

05/23/2007 12:11 am
Whoa...did not see that coming. I love the way you've captured Willow's Season 6 weaknesses in this story, and the way you make all the characters three-dimensional, not just Spike and Buffy. Great job! Now PLEASE make them go rescue Tara... *sniffles*
Thanks, Alia! I'm an equal-opportunity writer, I like to use all my characters. Don't worry, they'll start planning the rescue soon....

05/22/2007 08:58 pm
So very typical of Willow to "help". I knew she wouldn't want to be anything but the star of that magic show, not as she is now. Excellent use of character flaw there.

Unexpected consequences for all the characters around...Willow interfering, Spike's chip functioning, Tara being taken...that last one unexpected even for the readers *G*.

Thanks... as I've said in a couple responses now, I was really disappointed they dropped that character flaw in favor of the magic drug plot. Willow's desire to be important and useful has been noticeable since early on (probably overcompensation for feeling like an outsider), and if we were gonna get a big Willow arc in season 6, it should've been that.

05/22/2007 04:41 pm
Willow can't let anybody do things on their own two feet without interfering. Let's hope we get Tara back safe and sound *glares at Willow*
I think Willow's probably more concerned about Tara than anybody, so I'm sure she'll be rushing to fix this as soon as possible.

05/22/2007 01:32 pm
oh that was good. So his chip still works but not on Buffy.
MOre please we need Tara back.
Yep - chip works the same as on the show. I've tried to keep some of the basics the same, to preserve the continuity of canon - i.e. the things that would've happened, still happen, except they're singing about them instead of the regular season.

05/22/2007 10:04 am
Maybe this will teach Willow to stick to the plan. She's so full of herself!
Yeah - that was one of the character traits that I saw, pretty early on, which made it surprising when they took the magic in the "drug addiction" direction, rather than dealing with Willow's hubris.

05/22/2007 07:58 am
Willow deserves the guilt she's feeling. Stupid girl trying to 'help' with the spell.
Yeah, but I think this, more than anything on the show, should teach her a lesson. She's hurt a lot of people with her magic, but losing Tara, she's finally hurt herself.

05/22/2007 06:43 am
You know, I normally hate character bashing, but I just *love* Bad!Willow. Maybe because she is so close to canon season 6; I can easily see the "real" Willow trying something like this.

This is *such* a fun story! I'm really enjoying the ride, and looking forward to seeing how they get Tara back.

Also curious to see what the consequences of Willow's actions turn out to be-- They can't be ignored now, especially by Willow herself!
I don't think it's character bashing. That's (as I understand it) when a character the author dislikes is written way out of character for the sole purpose of making them look stupid, evil, etc. This is pretty much just canon Willow screwing up.

The one difference here is that Willow's "addiction" to magic is actually just hubris and a desire for control. I think it's actually more in keeping with her character, and what we've seen of magic on the show, than the whole "magic is a drug" thing.

05/22/2007 03:25 am
Maybe THAT will finally get it through Willow's thick head?!?!

It's part of "All I Ask Of You", but the melody is different, as the Phantom added his mournful realization that he was losing her. Michael Crawford sings parts like that so well...really raw and tender.
Yeah... *sigh* If he weren't old enough to be my grandfather, I'd so have naughty thoughts about Michael Crawford (that voice...).

05/22/2007 03:16 am
This fic is phenomenal, and I just can't get enough. Hopefully Willow gets hers or she actually becomes of use. Can't will till the next chapter.
Thanks so much! I'm glad you're enjoying it.