The Fire Within by Eowyn315
Chapter: Not the End of the World

08/09/2007 05:41 am
That Willow, I think she's up to no good, I tell ya. Although I'm intrigued to know what Lorne is going to say. Just cause I love Lorne!
Lorne is awesome. Except I think he's very hard to write... hence vague mentions without him actually appearing.

07/08/2007 12:06 am
Oh, nice. Loved the revelations of Willow's true motivations & feelings through the song. This is very well written! I'm really enjoying it.
Thanks! The songs are a good vehicle for getting the truth out. It's a fun thing to play with in writing.

06/16/2007 07:08 am
So Giles is going to leave her again knowing that things are such a mess, including his slayer. You've got me curious as to just what Willow thinks Loren can do. One more to go, I'm enjoying this so much.
I think Willow was thinking, "Singing demon problem... call a singing demon!" And yeah... Giles is still leaving. It was really hard to get that to make sense (since I really don't think he should leave), but I tried.

06/08/2007 11:26 pm
OH a baddddddd feeling here. Willow just does not learn!

good music choices once again. Admirable job you are doing with this.

At least she's not doing it on her own... Thanks for the review! I'm so glad you're enjoying it.

06/08/2007 08:52 pm
Great chapter.
Thanks for the review!

06/08/2007 07:13 pm
I loved the insights into Giles' character. And the ending...didn't see THAT coming. I can't wait to see what's next!
Thanks. I still don't like Giles' reason for leaving, but we'll see if we can't sing a song and change his mind, lol.

06/08/2007 05:32 pm
Wow, you continue to fascinate and amaze me with this story! IMO this is one of the very few "song fic" type of scenarios that actually makes logical sense, and you are one of the *very* few to even attempt something this complex! And you're pulling it off beautifully-- again, Wow!

I like the way you inter-cut Buffy/ Spike and Tara/Sweet. Neat technique; and it really worked. Nice contrasts on descents into "Hell"; either figurative or literal.

Love Giles POV. His action in season 6 (and later in season 7) have always seemed kind of out of character to me; and this nicely illuminated his motivations.

Looking forward to the next chapter!
Thanks for the lovely review! I knew it was a unique fic, and I figured it would either work out great or be a total disaster. I like to think we're leaning toward the first one.

The Giles section was SO hard to write! I hated his reason for leaving on the show, and I was sort of stuck with it because of "Standing" in OMWF, but I tried to make it work. Glad you liked it.

06/08/2007 04:35 pm
oh that last line just gave me a sense of relief, though it may be a bit premature...but after willow's train of thought took her in such a negative direction, i was thinking, "oh, man, this is gonna be bad"...until she mentioned talking to lorne...maybe he can set her straight???? great chapter, love, looking forward to reading more
Heh, that song was definitely negative, wasn't it? I think most of it was Willow's frustration at screwing up and not being able to help Tara (also perhaps some valuable self-realization about seeking good or seeking attention), but yeah, in the end, she's looking to responsible people for help, so when she does act, hopefully it won't be the disaster she usually causes... Thanks for the review!

06/08/2007 04:29 pm
I am so "just waiting" for the new addition -
Glad you're enjoying it!

06/08/2007 04:07 pm
lorne? That was a shocker! Still enjoying this fic - the singing is so interesting, how the truth comes out. Nice work!
Makes sense, though, doesn't it? If you've got a singing demon problem... why not ask a singing demon? Thanks for the kind review!

06/08/2007 02:46 pm
oh Willow has gone off the deep end, it is her fault Tara is gone, they are working on finding her why can't Willow be patient.

Giles better not leave now, it did no good in the show and won't do good here now. They need him and he needs to help Willow, she needs to lose her magic for a while, till she learns control.

LOved it more please.
Well, like Anya pointed out, if it were *my* lover who'd just been kidnapped and taken to a hell dimension, I don't think I'd be very patient, either. Thanks for the review!

06/08/2007 05:47 am
Well....that's an interesting development.....
Why, yes. Yes, it is.