Storm Warning by Lilachigh
Chapter: Chp 3 Little Flames, Big Fires

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08/05/2007 09:21 pm
love this story !!!
your a good writer!!!

07/25/2007 05:46 am
Stupid Riley. Stupid lightning. They were almost having a moment, damn it. And to leave Dawn alone like that? I can't believe this guy. He deserves to die. Slow, painful death.

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06/15/2007 05:41 am
oh boy oh boy oh boy!!!!!!! I always hated Riley did I ever mention that???? Of course he's there to mess everything up now that its getting good!!!!!

Great chapter~! Can't wait for the next update!
If you’re very good, Chp 4 is being posted later this evening!

06/14/2007 11:44 pm
Love this!! I'm def. liking that Spike's plans to keep Buffy distracted are going the way of his usual plans---am happy to know that Joyce told him to take Buffy's mind off the surgery---so the dance, although not planned, is fantastic!! Then it had to be ruined by Riley...UGH!!! Loathe Cardboard, but can't wait to see what happens next, especially with Dawn.
Dawn’s going to get herself into big trouble but from the very best of motives.

06/14/2007 12:23 pm
Great story. Oh Please let the lighting strike again and hit Riley. How could he leave dawn alone. and what happened at the house when the door opened with the lighting and wind. was there anything else involved with it. . Please continue to write and update often.
thank you for reviewing. Hope to have new chp up very soon.

06/14/2007 02:55 am
major hopes that riley gets his ass kicked. Great chapter, i enjoyed reading it.
thank you so much. Glad you liked the story.

06/14/2007 01:20 am
Oh no this is not good, I wonder who other than Dawn is the the summers house, could it be Glory.

What are Spike and Buffy going to do about Riley.

More please.
Spike has a big decision to make now. And how he feels about Joyce will colour it.

06/14/2007 12:03 am
excellent read, thank you. can't see this ending well for riley. angry and stupid never works out well.
Angry, stupid and in love. Not a good combination. Glad you’re enjoying the story.

06/13/2007 09:52 pm
Getting better! I'm looking forward to Buffy seeing how overbearing Riley is, and Spike dangerous even with the chip. And I fully expect Buffy to go into Slayer mode on Riley because the stupid git left Dawn alone.
Glad to hear you’re enjoying the story.

06/13/2007 08:36 pm
oh man....what's up with riley? this could be very ugly...and poor little dawnie, i hope she's going to be okay...excellent chapter, love, can't wait to see what happens next
Poor little Dawnie? Well, we’ll just have to see...runs off cackling evilly....

06/13/2007 08:15 pm
Uh oh, even more trouble. Love the dancing scene, a nice moment of weakness. And poor Dawn, all alone for the first time and she's scared out of her mind.
Very interested in this story so far.
thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to review. Much appreciated.

06/13/2007 08:12 pm
"With a snarl and a hiss, rain swept in across the ocean and fell on Sunnydale like a tiger seizing its prey." What a beautifully poetic way to describe the storm. Loved the chapter, and all the exciting things going on in it. Can't wait to read more!
thank you for such a nice comment. Hope to get next chp done by end of week. It will be up on Spuffy Haven first, of course, as it is being written for a challenge on that site.

06/13/2007 06:58 pm
Dum de dum.....Okay it's going to get wild reallllllly soon. I think the demons don't even want to see this kind of evil LOL.

Great update. Poor Dawnie, alone and scared (and WHAT a jerk is Riley to leave her like that!!). Wonder what opened the door on Revello Dr? Going to find out soon, I think...hope it isn't Glory.

It’s all coming to a boil nicely, isn’t it? Interesting to write a story with such tight time lines to follow. Poor Dawnie? Well, we’ll see....

06/13/2007 04:10 pm
Love this story! The atmosphere of the storm you've set up is great and the dialogue of the character right on target. Can't wait to see what happens next!
thank you so much. Nice to have a new reviewer. Don’t think I’ve seen your name come up before. Welcome!

06/13/2007 02:50 pm
Very atmospheric storm. And here comes Riley -- this'll end well!
It’ll certainly be the beginning of the end!

06/13/2007 02:07 pm
It was a dark and stormy night--that scared the heck out of me! Great atmosphere with this chapter. And I can't tell what's making me more nervous: Riley with his temper or Dawn with her lack of grace around combustibles.

Loved the sweet Spuffy moment and Joyce's thoughts from her hospital bed.
Riley or Dawn - well both of them are going to cause a lot of trouble in a very short time space. Runs away to bite nails.