Mask and Mirrors by pfeifferpack
Chapter: Chapter 20

03/03/2008 12:44 am
Spuffy forever
Loved it.
So glad.  Thank you.  k

07/18/2007 11:38 pm
Liked the way you had Anya slip that in there about the pig's blood w/o making a big deal about it. Makes a lot of sense.
I've had that thought for ages...if our diet can effect us as humans then why wouldn't the same be true for vampires? It would be like not eating the proper foods for us. Thanks! k

07/04/2007 07:37 am
Glad you're back. I missed this story. Great chapter. The scene with Buffy was sweet.
Thank you. I was going for a nice sweet beginning for them. It seemed right for the story. Will tie this one up very soon.


06/19/2007 10:31 pm
awww, that was absolutely exquisite, love!!! perfect, beautiful, very lovely piece of writing, their reactions were sweet and tender and utterly believable all things considered...very nice job, love
Thank you! I always am particularly proud of positive comments from writers I admire *G*.


06/19/2007 06:36 pm
Good story so far.Update soon.Is it canon that Spike's mother's name is Anne?I see it pop up in a lot of fics.
Thank you! Glad you are enjoying it.

Yes, it is canon from the show that her name is Anne. The Pratt is "canon" if you include the official comics. The writer of the Spike comic cleared that with Joss and picked it as a tribute to William Pratt who changed his name to Boris Karloff (the actor known for Frankenstein among other roles). Not everyone embraced the Pratt (although my research shows it to be the family name of the Marquess of Camden and quite respectable as I had Anne state in my story). I think everyone accepted Anne once she was called that on the show.

Thank you again. Hope you continue to enjoy the story. k

06/19/2007 10:39 am
Loved the little bit about the aging from the pig's blood... It was smart writing and a fun barb all at once.
Thank you! I suppose being on a diet that emphasizes eating healthy foods and their effect on the body started that bit...add to it a wank on our two favorite aging actor/vamps and voila! Kathleen

06/19/2007 04:38 am
excellent read, thank you. nice scene with anya enlightening the whelp and the watcher. loved buufy's attitude at the end of the chapter.
Thank you! Yes Anya knows many things, has lived a long time and been to many dimensions but they never seemed to listen to her or ask a thing....bout time she stood up!

Yes, Buffy isn't quite hardened in this one not having died and had the world weight of adulthood dumped on her.....Spike has a chance with her now. k

06/19/2007 04:31 am
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I am so glad you didn't forget about this story! I read and kept up with it then I wondered if you lost interest or what.

GREAT CHAPTER!!!! I just loved it and I love Spikes mom too if I haven't said it before!
Oh no, I'll never leave a story unfinished! The interest was there just RL obstacles one after another....all fixed now so updates will be timely. Thank you so much. k

06/19/2007 04:07 am
Whoooo! Yay!
Thank you! k

06/19/2007 12:43 am
I was so happy to see that you had updated this story. I had missed you!

Great update, I really enjoyed reading your style once again
Thank you so much. Glad to be back again. Updates will be soon. So pleased you like my way of telling a tale. k

06/18/2007 09:35 pm
Go Buffy! Finally. And let's give a big "Yay!" to Anya. I always thought she was one of their most underutilized resources; and if she hadn't been working so hard to please Xander with her human-ness they would have gotten a lot more information a lot faster.
THank you! Yes, Anya had a 1100 years of experience and knowledge that they never even asked about! When she DID offer information she was always correct but they never had the sense to treat her with respect at all, only as a young airheaded woman! k

06/18/2007 09:27 pm
Yay, a new chapter. And Buffy's finally warming up to Spike. I hope Dawn and Anya can make Xander and Giles face the truth that not all humans are good, and not all demons are bad. Can't wait for the next chapter.
Thank you! Updates will not be long in coming. k

06/18/2007 09:17 pm
Thanks for the update! I liked the good sense from Anya how has she pit up with Xander all this time? I hope Buffy gives Spike a real chance, so far so good.
Yes, I often wondered why Anya put up with all of them treating her as if she were an idiot.

Buffy isn't as damaged at this point, she still is wanting to love so Spike can get lucky. k

06/18/2007 08:30 pm
SQUEE!!! Awww, I'm so glad that you're back cause I've missed this story so much. I'm happy to know that things are better for you now, too. This was an amazing chapter, most especially that ending. Ooh, loved that bit of info from Anya about vampires and human blood. I'm hoping that she, along with Dawn and Anne, can get the rest of the Scoobies to accept Spike now that Buffy has. Can't wait for a new chapter!!!
Thank you! So glad you are happy I'm posting (and thank you for the personal good wishes!). Promise updates soon. k

06/18/2007 07:27 pm
Aww, very nice chapter.
Thank you! k

06/18/2007 06:31 pm
Thanks for the update. I was just wondering about the status of this story yesterday. Yea for Anya. I don't know how she can put up with their bigoted behavior. I loved the exchange between Spike and Buffy. I look forward to the future updates.
Thank you for being patient! All RL stuff is in order now and I can be more timely.

Thank you for the review. Glad you like Anya's taking a stand. She really did put up with a lot from the group on screen. Happy you liked the Spuffy too.