Brave New World by JamesMFan
Chapter: Small Talk

10/16/2010 05:05 am
I love that Spike exhibits a lot of control when before he was so impulsive.  Thirty years of cumulative changes will do that.  But it really sinks in as seen through Buffy's eyes.   He's his own man now which is extremely attractive in a man!  

05/23/2010 02:46 am

06/20/2007 11:55 am
I hope that you fought that nasty writer's block and that you'll give us more of BNW soon!

06/19/2007 10:53 pm
well at least they're finally beginning to talk about it, the dopes!! i hope the rest of buffy's trial goes better than the first part!! great chapter, love

06/19/2007 08:15 pm
Good job with the preliminaries - dry and matter of fact. And a glimmer of Spikeness -- love it!

06/19/2007 07:28 pm
That was a great chapter. I loved the spike/buffy interaction at the end.
I hope you update soon - suspense is killing me!

06/19/2007 04:51 am
very, very good read. thank you. wonderful conversation and he walks out the door. loved it.

06/19/2007 04:19 am
Go, Spike! I loved that!

06/19/2007 03:37 am
awesome chapter! Almost ALMOST got it all out huh.... Finally Buffy might start to get it now.

Hope she finally decides that its worth fighting to stick around.. make a new start with Spike,, he deserves it,, pining away for her or greiving her however you want to look at it,, not moving on

Great chapter GLAD your back!!!!

06/19/2007 02:13 am
LOL - about time somebody was honest with somebody. Typical oblivious Buffy not to have noticed that he still cares...a lot. Thanks for the update.

06/19/2007 02:02 am
"He was always her Spike, always and never."

That's sums it up nicely. He was never hers, and she was never his. But they always belonged to each other

I started reading this story awhile back. I came to the part where Buffy finds out that Spike is a widower and almost stopped reading. The very thought of Spike with someone else just makes me all grrrrr. But, the story was so well written, I just couldn't help but to keep reading. Now, I'm always glad to see an update

06/18/2007 11:47 pm
AHA but he's still HER sneaky bastard LOL. Loved the interplay between the two of them. Loved stubborn and proud Buffy proclaiming who she is in the face of that era's PC situation. Now if she'll just get with the times she can get on to being happy.

Glad your muse is back this is a wonderful story.


06/18/2007 11:07 pm
That was the most meaningful dialogue they've had in a very long time. Was he afraid of her answer to his question? They both need to lay their cards on the table. Loved Buffy's response when she stated her name. She is the slayer. Her destiny, even if society had changed.And he was dead long before she meet him. Thanks for the update, hope your muse stays around for a while longer, it has to be close to the end. Enjoying this so much.