The Fire Within by Eowyn315
Chapter: Confessions of a Vampire

02/23/2013 09:52 pm

Outstanding scene for Spike and his struggle of transformation from all beast to both human and demon.  Well Done.

08/05/2008 09:23 pm
You are very clever to put all of the music and the story together this way. I am really enjoying it.   I have only seen Dance of the Vampire  in German.  It was BAD. LOL. 
Thank you! I'm so glad you liked it! I only saw Dance of the Vampires in English, and it was pretty awful.

08/09/2007 05:58 am
Now that was awesome. Can't talk, gotta read!
Hee, well, don't want to keep you! Thanks for the review.

06/27/2007 12:47 pm
Just found this fic and read up to this point. What a great spin on the continuation of the music from Sweet. Very well done. I think what's most inspiring is the way that you've melded the dialogue with the backstory and then upped the ante with the continuation of the truth disclosing songs. So very smart. Looking forward to your updates!
Thanks so much! I'm glad you like it.

06/21/2007 06:19 pm
wow. that was beautiful - intense - burning. LOVED it. The song was _perfect_. Thank you for such a lovely update.
Thanks for the wonderful review! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

06/20/2007 07:24 pm
Man, you really rip right down to the heart of things here. Very well done!
Thank you! The music just strips down to the truth - good or bad. I think some brutal honesty is what Buffy needs to get over her hurdles.

06/20/2007 07:09 pm
Excellent choice once again (even though I've never seen this one the words to the song as you've arranged it are perfect). Completely loved the ending, of the song and Buffy's reaction. VERY emotional....powerful and passionate. Lovely!

Don't worry, I think most people have never seen this one... (and that's probably for the best).

Thanks for the lovely review!

06/20/2007 05:00 pm
awww, that song was perfect to describe spike's conflict, and i'm glad buffy finally came around enough to at least understand where he's coming from there...great chapter, love
Thanks, DoS! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

06/20/2007 03:03 pm
Great chapter. I just hope Buffy won't regret it afterwards, and hurt Spike again.
Thanks! I hope so, too...

06/20/2007 02:47 pm
Oh, WOW, that was breathtaking...
Thank you for the sweet review!

06/20/2007 02:42 pm
She'd better not punch him and run off after that soul-baring!
Or soulless-bearing, technically, lol. But I definitely agree... they're way beyond punch-and-run now.

06/20/2007 07:52 am
Ooh, this was just....GAH!! I've got tears from this and Spike's song; the emotions from both, the yearning, pleading, everything. Superb chapter!
Aww, thank you, sweetie! I'm so glad it moved you.

06/20/2007 05:26 am
She finally saw him for what he'd become for her. That was great, Angelus had a soul to change him, Spike had her. Loved the way you ended this chapter, thanks.
Thanks, Verda! It was time for that revelation to come. Glad you liked it!

06/20/2007 04:04 am
Very affecting. Loved the "falling into jelly" being inconvenient. LOL
Hee, thank you! Glad you enjoyed it.

06/20/2007 03:48 am
Oh that was good calling her on that like he did.
Thanks... it's time for Spike and Buffy to get to the heart of things, I think.