Storm Warning by Lilachigh
Chapter: Chp 5 Squalls

05/30/2010 06:13 pm

07/25/2007 06:10 am
Well, at least she got rid of Riley. I'm surprised she didn't scream at him more. He sure as hell deserved it. Maybe if Spike saves the day, she'll be nicer?

07/13/2007 06:20 am
yep, knew it couldn't be good.

07/13/2007 06:12 am
yep, knew it couldn't be good.

06/26/2007 04:37 pm
oh man..oh man, that mama's not gonna understand ... they need to find dawnie quickly before she ends up hurt...great chapter, love, loved spikes standin up to her and stopping her from hitting him...great job
thanks. yes, I get a little tired of Buffy always being able to hit Spike. Unless he let her, he has the speed and strength to stop her as we see in Season Six. But this is 5 and there’s a whole sea of pain ahead for them both, of course.

06/26/2007 01:25 pm
hummmmm this could go good or really really bad, great chapter! can't wait for the next update!
thank you so much for commenting. Does make updating a joy when you know people are following the story so closely.

06/26/2007 11:48 am
OH Riley is so in for it, I hope. So Spike and Buffy seem to have feelings for each other.

Wonder what will happen at the mall with Dawn and the little purple demon.

love it more please
thank you for reviewing. Glad you are enjoying the story.

06/26/2007 08:04 am
and this is all spike fault, i'm almost certain. very good read, thank you.
Oh sure to be!

06/26/2007 06:50 am
Dawn sometimes is incredibly stupid. I wonder if Spike'll be able to track her in the storm...
I was trying to show Dawn acting like Buffy does with her. Being an adult isn’t easy for either of them.

06/26/2007 03:51 am
Ooh, this doesn't sound good. Eagerly looking forward to coming off this cliff!
could be a long drop down!

06/26/2007 12:48 am
Loved the description of Eriddny, now I can picture her in mind perfectly. I hope Spike was wrong about the Lynfra demons violent tendencies, it would be so sad if things ended tragically. Wonderful update!
thank you. Glad you’re enjoying the story. I’m very fond of Eriddny.

06/25/2007 11:52 pm
Nice demon mum won't hurt Dawn! And three cheers for no punch in the face!
But will Dawn hurt demon mom?

06/25/2007 11:28 pm
OH oh....Dawnie is in trouble now. Naturally Spike will be the one to pull her butt out of the wringer. It's just what he does.

I still worry about Spike having a plan.....

06/25/2007 11:07 pm
well this is a fine pickle. I liked that Spike didn't let Buffy hit him.
I hope that they don't kill the lavendar demon...
thanks for the review. I hope the demon doesn’t kill them!