I Know You II by slaymesoftly
Chapter: Eleven

Buffy Convet
03/15/2014 03:24 pm
just removing it from my sight - would delete it I could.

07/13/2007 07:04 am
“This can’t possibly end well.” hope spike is very wrong. very good read, thank you.
LOL Oh, I suspect he's wrong....Thanks for reading.

07/12/2007 11:42 pm
Loved this update. Looking forward the development of this B/S relationship.
Thank you - it's developing nicely in my mind - unfortunately, that's not visible yet in these earlier chapters. LOL

07/12/2007 08:53 pm
Sure it can Spike...sure it can. Just let the girl wise up to Angel's supreme lack of importance and it can end very well.

Wonder if anyone from their other lives has a counterpart here (say......Angel/us?).

Lovely update.

Hee, thanks. I wonder that for a while too (Angel/Angelus?), but I'm only a few chapters from the end now and he hasn't shown up, so I guess that's a "no". It was just getting too damned long to throw everybody into it. I can always revisit in a sequel and have my bad guy be Angelus.

07/12/2007 02:18 pm
Good chapter.Update soon.I loved Buffy and Dawn's fight.Plus,I loved it when Spike had to cover his ears because Dawn screeched so loudly.
Thanks. Another chapter next week.

07/12/2007 09:52 am
I hope Buffy doesn't keep mooning over Angel -- how long has she been in this dimension?
At this point, probably longer than she's known him. lol Don't worry, she's getting over her crush.

07/12/2007 05:31 am
I don't think Young Buffy gets that Angel wanted a Buffy who fit in his view of her. Young, innocent and in need of protection.
No, she really hadn't had a chance to get to know him that well yet. This is more of a teenage crush that she has than it is a real love affair.