Storm Warning by Lilachigh
Chapter: Chp 7 Being Brave

05/30/2010 06:29 pm

11/07/2008 07:44 pm
I love the characterization of Buffy being passionate.  I had to chuckle. Reminded me of Dorothy Parker's review of Hepburn "ran the gamut of emotion from A to B"
And Eeeek!  Willie, just creepy the way he ends up being the source for one of the casually devastating bits of horror in the show.
 Well, the gun had to come from somewhere!  Seemed sensible to me, but then i am weird.

07/17/2007 04:55 am
oh man...things are building up to a crescendo, aren't they? great chapter, love, way to ratchet up the tension...and i think i know who's eventually going to buy that gun, and i want to kill willie...grrr...great chapter, pet, looking forward to more
Well, I thought more people would understand the hint about the gun...
Glad you’re still enjoying the story.

07/13/2007 03:43 pm
Great Spuffy interaction, I loved how Buffy refered to "Gone With The Wind" when Spike turned on his charm, Spike can be definitely be very Rhett Butler-like when he wants to. The dialogue between them was also great.
I'm still worried little Eriddny's health, but at least Spike and Buffy are gonna be on the scene soon. Can't wait to find out what happens they all meet Eriddny's mom. Fantastic chapter!
Eriddny’s mom, Eriddny’s dad! Don’t forget him.

07/13/2007 01:55 pm
OH I hope Dawn is safe, yes Spike kept his word, but it didn't work as planned.
It seldom does!

07/13/2007 01:42 pm
great chapter! I can't wait for the next update!!!!!

thank you~!
thank you so much for reading and commenting.

07/13/2007 09:54 am
Dawn's certainly being brave -- unlike the ghastly Riley! Poor Buffy must be very confused if she thinks he's the normal one!
Normality is the compass she steers by in Season 5

07/13/2007 07:43 am
wonderful timing of the angry roar. thanks for the fun read.
thank you for reading

07/13/2007 06:20 am
can't wait for more! (I bitch about reviews like this and then leave one. I'm evil.)
so pleased you are enjoying the story. You might like to check your posting because all your reviews came through 3 times each! Made my e mail box look pretty impressive this morning.

07/13/2007 04:34 am
Spike may have his faults but he's already proved he's better boyfriend material than Riley and Angel put together by the way he treated Dru.

Hmm, I wonder if that gun Willie stole could end up causing Finn a whole lot of trouble.
Well, in Season Six it causes everyone grief! Well, that’s my little take, anyway.

07/13/2007 03:43 am
And everyone works so hard to make Buffy proud of them...
absolutely. And does she ever notice?.....

07/13/2007 02:16 am
Ah, good old UST. There's nothing like it. *g* Nice chapter!
thank you.