I Know You II by slaymesoftly
Chapter: Twelve

03/15/2014 04:16 pm
TextSorry about the empty review earlier. I was so intent on putting in the code. Some of them I can't read correctly;this looks to be one of those. Is that df or ov?                                        Anyway, you've solved all the time travel problems that seem to exist (or will exist, or...) You had the 23 year old Buffy teach the "younger" Spike & then that Spike teach the younger Buffy. How sad to lose everyone & everything at once! And, oh yeah! Having a magical sister? Priceless!
?  I guess there's a capcha that I don't see?  I hope I worked out all the issues. :)   Magical sister is awesome. :)

07/26/2007 04:23 am
very good read, thank you. have to feel a little compassion for spike; not much, a little.
LOL Aw, come on. Just a little? Thanks for reading. :)

07/20/2007 09:01 am
Great chapter! I love vamp Willow and Xander they are so much fun and I can't wait to see what you do with them :) And the Master is back.... exciting!
Thanks! Probably just going to let Buffy dust them. LOL And, yep, old Bat Face seems to have made it into this dimension...

07/20/2007 01:41 am
I have got to say, I love young Buffy and Spike's dynamic. Also, young Buffy is refreshing sweet and likable. I can't wait to see how she falls for Spike. Never saw vampScoobies coming, btw. Thoroughly entertaining as always, slaymesoftly. :)
Thank you. I hope you continue to enjoy it. lol

07/20/2007 12:01 am
Good chapter.Update soon.Are they in the "Dopplegandland" universe? That'd be awesome.I can't wait until tomororw night because of Harry Potter finally coming out. Tomorrow's going to be a long day.
LOL I think I explained (in an AN) somewhere way back that this dimension is not an exact copy of the wish verse - but it is obviously very close.

07/19/2007 11:43 pm
I definitely wasn't expecting Vamp Willow and Xander -- brilliant surprise. I suppose Puppy Angel is moping around somewhere. Spike deserves a break!
It remains to be seen if puppy Angel is around - it's possible...

07/19/2007 10:12 pm
Great and unexpected chapter here. Didn't see VampXander and VampWillow coming but it makes sense (and good story). So....they killed THEIR Buffy before she killed the Master...hum... I'll bet this dimension's Spike didn't survive either (if William was even turned at all). I DO expect a visit from Angelus though...just seems unavoidable, especially to show this sweet Buffy what a baaaaaddddd choice anything Angel is!

I am not squicked at all with Spike having the hots for Buffy since it is HER he wants not a little girl...he knows the woman she will be and that she is in there, in that young girl's body. No problem there at all and sometimes there is with young Buffy stories. I think this Buffy could be old enough before too long too, once she knows her heart.

Excellent, hon, as always.

Well, things are a bit more different here than that - but it is fun having people trying to guess what comes next. Not nearly as exciting as what some of you are expecting, I'm afraid. lol

I'm glad you're not squicked by the situation. I'm trying to make them go as slowly as possible without causing everyone to lose interest and wander away. lol She's not in a young girl's body, BTW. You're the second one to mention that - "our" Buffy is in her body back in Sunnydale. This Buffy got the older, somewhat more beat-up, but much stronger future Buffy's body. Which doesn't mean that she is actually any older, but she is seventeen and Spike is more than aware of her real age. Thanks for sticking with it. :)

07/19/2007 10:04 pm
Poor Spike! I hope Buffy learns to see what's in front of her! I'm a little confused because I know she switched dimensions, but I thought she still looked like her teenage years, but oh well.
Xander and Willow as vampires is a perfect idea for this dimension. Even as Buffy gets stronger, she comes up against something or someone she's unwilling to hurt. Makes Spike's job of protecting her a little harder.
I can't wait to find out about the Order of Aurelius. Is Angel or Angelus here? Does he know about Buffy or at least a mission with 'a slayer'? Is Darla going to be strutting around or Drusilla trying to snatch Spike away?
Can't wait to find out!
Um - Buffy will catch on soon. lol And, if you remember/look back in the first or second chapter, she complains about being in older Buffy's body. And Spike comments upon how strong it is.
No spoilers for future chapters. LOL You'll have to wait and see.