Spike's Bad Day by slaymesoftly
Chapter: all

02/19/2012 04:12 am
poor spike
Stuff happens...

07/24/2011 03:34 am
Sadly, I'm well aware of that feeling of emotional brokenness...  not so much with the physical... but that feeling that there's just no point, no coming back?  I wish I didn't get it quite so well. 

Powerfully written.

Thank you. I'd forgotten about this drabble - had to look it up to see what it was.  I don't usually write things quite so down.

03/26/2008 10:04 pm
Saddening drabble. Loved it.
Thank you.

07/26/2007 06:48 pm
sad, sad read, thank you.
Thanks for reading and commenting.

07/23/2007 05:41 am
heart-wrenching...but so believable...i could so see that happening, too, with the scoobs all lost in their own grief...great piece, love
Thank you.

07/22/2007 09:55 pm
Poor desolate Spike.

07/22/2007 07:12 pm
Too cruel, slayme. Doesn't anybody care about Spike at all?
Nope - not those guys. (Although, if you look in the comments on my LJ, bearfacedcheek has written a drabble sequel in which Dawn remembers him)