Storm Warning by Lilachigh
Chapter: Chp 8 Damage Limitation

05/30/2010 06:35 pm

11/07/2008 07:48 pm
Oh my goodness, that just made me shiver!

07/27/2007 05:07 am
that last line should get through to buffy. very good read, thank you.
thanks for reading and commenting. Much appreciated.

07/25/2007 06:45 am
Very good story. I'm enjoying it a lot. Can't wait for the final chapter. Great read.
thank you so much for all the reviews. Final chapter should be up very soon. Must do it before I head off to France for week’s holiday!

07/24/2007 11:09 pm
oh boy oh boy !!!!! I can't wait for the next update! Maybe they could feed it Riley???
Now, now, he can’t help being how he is!!! But glad you’re enjoying the story.

07/24/2007 07:53 pm
Argh, evil cliffhanger...!!!

I SO love this story
So pleased you like it! Makes it all worthwhile.

07/24/2007 06:34 pm
This is certainly a difficult situation. Excellent method of Spike getting Buffy to see the demon as a mother.

07/24/2007 10:52 am
Awww -- Spike the protector! Please let the momma eat Riley.

07/24/2007 07:42 am
*shiver* what a reminder for buffy, that might change her feelings on the matter; wonder how they're going to solve this one...great chapter, love
thank you so much for reviewing. next and sadly last chapter will be ready in a day or two.

07/24/2007 06:42 am
The confrontation with Eriddny's mom sure is playing out interestingly, can't blame the misunderstanding for happenning though. Dawn is right, she is just a worried mother... a strong dangerous one, but then again so was Joyce with that axe. Loved the chapter!
thank you so much for reviewing. Yes, i think the parallel works. Moms defend their young!

07/24/2007 05:28 am that Spike or is it the mom speaking through him?

Naturally Riley will show up...can we feed him to the mamma? LOL

Looking forward to the rest.

Well, all will be revealed in next instalment but between you and me, it is Spike trying to jog her memory!

07/23/2007 10:01 pm
I love that last line! What a great way to end the chapter! Spike may be denying how much he cares for Buffy, but Joyce had been kindness itself to him and he respected and admired her without pretending otherwise. I always thought that first meeting and Joyce smacking him with a fire-axe was a huge event in their relationship. No matter how out of it Joyce sometimes seemed for the Slaying gig, that defense when she didn't even know what a vampire was, was always on my mind. All the Summers women were stubborn and impossible- it's part of their charm.
I wonder if the mother Lyrnfra can speak English. Whatever happens, I'm certain Riley might mess it all up and that Spike will show how much he worried for Dawn.
I hope this story doesn't just end after the Lynfra adventure is over. I am really enjoying reading it and think Spike's slightly-evil but caring character is described very well. I also hope to see more of Buffy seeing Spike and not another 'now she understands and loves him and they'll live happily ever after!' endings. Sometimes they fit, but I like to see the two snarky blondes sorta working it out in a real-life way.
Great chapter, moving things along, and down with Riley!
thank you so much for such a lovely long review. I hadn’t thought of another story because this one is written for a challenge. But then you never know! Glad you like the Spike/Joyce connection. I felt that she could well have asked him for a favour and he would be only too pleased to do it.

07/23/2007 06:43 pm
Oh that was good, so Riley is going to show up and do most likely what Dawn doesn't want them to do, Why don't they just show Mama the baby and hand it back.

More please.
thank you but I’m afraid Mama Demon is acting without thinking - now who does that remind you of?