Poetry can make you cry by Lilachigh
Chapter: Chp 1

01/14/2012 07:52 pm
Lots of introspection there.  Many of us want to know the answers to those questions.  Thanks for putting them into words.  You definitely have a gift!  
Thank you!

02/03/2011 11:32 am

Great reading this again - love the haiku poems -

04/29/2009 03:54 am

you have become one of my favorite Buffyverse FF writers ever - what a great combination of beautiful words and wonderful poetry on his thoughts for last minutes of life to be followed up with the irony and nonsense of life -


 What a lovely thing to say!  Thank you so much.  You've made my day.  I particularly liked this story when i wrote it and not many people have read it or commented.  Thank you so much, again!

07/19/2008 03:55 am
 Thank you. This is one of my favourites because of the buttterfly!

07/30/2007 02:09 pm
Insects have goverment? Ok imagining Bush as a butterfly. Lovely fic. Love the last part. Only Spike would write poetry in what could be the last minutes of life and criticize the US national anthem while running for his life.
That’s our boy!

07/28/2007 02:30 am
Interesting ficlet, loved Spike's closing line. :D
thank you!

07/27/2007 06:34 pm
this is one of the most unique pieces i've seen in a very long time...funny and poignant and just plain awesome, love...love it !:)
so pleased you liked it. not many read it but those who did seemed to have fun.

07/27/2007 06:13 am
poetry can make you laugh out loud. thank you
glad to brighten up your day.

07/26/2007 10:28 pm
LOL! Hilarious.
thanks a million!

07/26/2007 07:25 pm
ha ha ha ha ha That was great!
appreciate you taking the time to comment. thank you.

07/26/2007 06:49 pm
That was very strange and I liked it...
*walking away from the keyboard now, to try to get my head back on straight...*
Hope your head is straight again! The story was meant to be slightly weird. Glad I succeeded.

07/26/2007 06:28 pm
Laugh out loud funny, hon! Why do I think the butterfly might have a job in Washington???? At least this one did something useful in setting Spike free.

Loved Spike's final thought process (who nicked the Rolling Stones albums! *G*) Yes rhyming is terribly hard without becoming trite. Loved your haiku! Loved the story.

thank you so much for commenting and glad you enjoyed Spike’s most important thoughts just as about to die! I reckoned he’d never forget something like that!

07/26/2007 05:30 pm
Truly original fun -- I love it.
thank you so much.